Release Date 2005
Produced by Sony Wonder
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

Elmo Visits the Doctor is a 2005 Sesame Street video, combining footage from the 1999 resource video Sesame Street Goes to the Doctor, with new live-action and animated segments, older sketches, and the debut of a new Elmo's World episode, "Doctors."

In the video, Elmo takes his first trip to the doctor's office. Featured Muppet inserts include "Bert's Physical" and "Pet at the Vet" (played over the end credits).


DVD Contents

DVD Chapters

  1. Feelin' Blue
  2. Doctor Please!
  3. Elmo's Check Up
  4. All Better Now
  5. A Pediatrician Is...
  6. Doctors Helpers
  7. Nurse Wendy
  8. Sneeze Poem
  9. Be Patient to Be a Patient
  10. Bert's Physical
  11. Your Amazing Body
  12. Elmo's World: Doctors

DVD Bonus Features

  • Elmo Doctor Game


  • Home Video Producers: Dionne Nosek, Deborah Mayer
  • Special Material for Home Video Written by: Christine Ferraro
  • Associate Producer: Jennifer Lauren Smith
  • Segment Producers: Eva Saks, Matt Goldman
  • Animations: Celefex, Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio, Wachtenheim/Marianetti LLC
  • Music Director: Mike Renzi
  • Sound Effects: Dick Maitland
  • Video Editor: John Tierney, Creative Bubble
  • Audio Mixer: Mike Barrett, Burst
  • For Sesame Workshop: Fay Corinotis, Heather Hanssen, Sharon Lyew, Peter MacKennan, Valerie Mitchell-Johnston, Rich Siegmeister, Tamra Seldin
  • For Sony Wonder: Jovi Crooks, Annmarie Gatti, Gary Kahn, Rynda Laurel, Steven Okin, David Price, Veronica Villarreal
  • For Jim Henson Workshop: Jill Colley, Janelle Courts, Joey Roddy
  • Executive in Charge of Production for Sesame Workshop: Jodi Nussbaum
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