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Abby's Wand
Episode 4136
Abby Cadabby surprises Elmo, and demonstrates her feats of magic, such as disappearing and turning a mailbox into a pumpkin. Her wand can also be used as a back scratcher.
Same and Different
Episode 4171
Elmo and Abby Cadabby point out the ways that they're the same and different, and Elmo imagines himself as a pink fairy monster.
Making a Doll
Episode 4175
Abby Cadabby plays with her doll, Prince, when Elmo meets up with her and wishes he had a doll with him. Abby plans to conjure up him one, but makes a pumpkin, then a hat and finally a marker. Elmo puts all those things to make a doll of his own.
Making a Friend
Episode 4181
Elmo looks for a friend to play with when Abby Cadabby shows up, who thinks she can make a friend for him appear. First, she tries making Dorothy appear, but makes a pumpkin in a fish bowl. Then, she tries making Bert appear, but conjures a pumpkin with Bert’s hair style. Abby thinks she’s a failure, until Elmo points out she did bring a friend to play with – her!
Two is You and Me
Episode 4305
Elmo and Abby count to two, counting Abby's pairs of pigtails and hands, as well as Elmo's eyes and feet. When Abby thinks there's nothing left to count, she realizes that they themselves are "one, two friends," which leads to a new rendition of "Two is You and Me."
I Can Sing
Episode 4326
Elmo and Abby Cadabby perform a new version of "I Can Sing."
Drum Exercise Abby performs her wing exercises, but is disrupted by Elmo, who's doing his drum practice. They cooperate by having Abby exercise to Elmo's drumming.
Paper After Abby finishes coloring her paper, she plans on throwing it out. Elmo has different plans for it - he recycles it into a paper airplane for them to play with.
Pretend Teeth Elmo and Abby plan on showing the viewer how to brush their teeth, but since they don't have any, they pretend they have teeth.
Jump Rope Frustration Abby becomes frustrated when she's unable to use her jump rope. Elmo explains that everyone gets that way when they can't do something. He offers his help, but then he is unable to use it. They decide to just jump without the rope instead.
Pretending Abby and Elmo use their imaginations to play "Monkeys in Space."
Open and Closed Elmo demonstrates open and closed using his mouth and arms. Abby doesn't think she can up come any examples, until Elmo shows her she can open and close her wings.
Apologies Elmo gives the viewer a big "hello," accidentally knocking over Abby in the process. As Elmo and Abby keep bumping into each other, they apologize profusely and kiss one another's boo-boos. Finally, they decide to say "good-bye" quietly, before colliding once more.
Bike Safety Elmo wishes he could ride a big bike, but feels he's not ready yet. Abby takes this as a lack of safety gear and magically gives Elmo a helmet, pads, and a pillow to protect him. Elmo clarifies to Abby that he doesn't know how to ride a two-wheeler, but wants to learn someday. He settles with riding his tricycle instead, until he realizes that he's too protected.
Sleep Elmo tries to take a nap, but he can't because every time Abby says the magic words to sleep, she accidentally wakes him up with the sound of her wand.
Tire Swing Elmo and Abby come across a tire swing and both try to get in at the same time, getting stuck in the process. A passing woodchuck frees them and shows how they can all cooperate and have fun.
Sneezing Elmo feels a sneeze coming on and Abby tries to magically help him.
Picnic Elmo and Abby are having a picnic, but find their picnic basket is hopping around and emitting a crunching noise. They discover a rabbit inside, scarfing down the carrots they intended to have.
Basketball Elmo tries to shoot a basketball into a hoop, but struggles. Abby uses magic to shorten the hoop, then make Elmo jump higher. Elmo has her fix everything; he doesn't want magic to help him out. Abby does use a spell after all - to give herself pom-poms to cheer Elmo on with.
Stick Elmo comes across a stick, perfect for playing ball with. While he goes to get a ball, Abby finds the stick and uses it to lead an imaginary band. Elmo returns and sees Abby playing with his stick and wonders how he can get it back.
Recycling Elmo demonstrates the magic of recycling for Abby by turning a milk box, an oatmeal box and a cornflakes box into different things.
Bubbles Elmo teaches Abby to blow bubbles.
Abby's Plant Elmo is thirsty and is about to have some water, when Abby rushes in with her wilting plan, which also needs water. Elmo isn't sure he can give it up, until he realizes he can share his water with the plant.
Elmo Abby pretend drive car
Pretend Driving Elmo shows Abby what it's like to ride in a car using their imagination.
Keeping Cool Elmo and Abby play a jumping game together and find they need some cooling down afterward. Abby performs a spell that makes it snow, which works at first, but they soon get too cold. Instead of reversing the spell, Elmo and Abby warm themselves up by doing the jumping game again.
Straws Abby is amazed at Elmo's juice box straw. He adds one for her and demonstrates how to use it, as they drink all his juice. When they run out, Abby still wants to use the straw, so they come up with other things it can be used for.
Playing Without a Wand Abby doesn't think she and Elmo can have much fun while her wand is in the Fix-It Shop; an elephant fairy had sat on it. Elmo shows her how they can pretend to be monkeys without using magic.
Abby, the Monster Abby sees Elmo playing a monster game, the "Wubba Bounce." She changes herself into a monster so she'll be able to play it too. Elmo convinces her to change herself back, since she doesn't need to be a monster to play the game.
Block Tower Elmo asks Abby to look over his block tower as he goes to get a camera to photograph it. She keeps it safe from a dancing chicken, then a pogo-sticking chicken, but knocks it over herself by accident. She frets over Elmo's reaction, but the two ultimately remain friends.

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