Published July 2005
Publisher TOKYOPOP
Series Jr. Cine-Manga
ISBN 1595327460

Elmo and Zoe Fly a Kite is a 32-page Sesame Street "Jr. Cine-Manga" book published in 2005 by TOKYOPOP.

The book uses photos taken from Sesame Street episodes, with sound effects and word balloons superimposed over the pictures. An introduction on the first page encourages parents to use comic-style stories to move their children toward appreciating the printed word.

In the story, Gabi gives Elmo and Zoe a book about making their own kites. The monsters get to work, but by the time their kites are finished, it's not windy anymore. The Big Bad Wolf helps out by huffing and puffing -- but when he leaves for lunch, their kites crash down, and break.

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