Segments that featured both Elmo and Zoe.

Picture Title / First Appearance Description

Amy Tan Reads a Book
Episode 3340
Amy Tan reads the book Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat to Elmo and Zoe.
Above and Below
Episode 3367
Elmo and Zoe demonstrate above and below with a cloud.
Opposite Game
Episode 3370
Elmo and Zoe play a new game where you have to do the opposite of each other.

The Number 10
Episode 3390
Zoe is about to draw the number 10, but she only knows how to draw lines. Elmo doesn't know how to draw a 10 either, but he is good at making circles. An ominous voice advises them to cooperate.
Episode 3489
Elmo and Zoe sing "Share."

Sonia Manzano wrote this segment.

Episode 3621
Elmo and Zoe watch Jock Soto and Lourdes Lopez cooperate to dance ballet, and dance with them.
Zoe Says
Season 30[1]
In a skit that capitalizes on the marketing of a certain doll, Zoe and Elmo play a game of "Zoe Says" with the viewer, and Zoe accidentally makes Elmo tickle himself.
Pretending To Be Ducks
Episode 3866
Zoe finds Elmo pretending to be a duck, and he shows her how to act like one. A real duck shows up, and mistakes Zoe for its mama.
Episode 3901
Elmo and Zoe pretend to be cowboys while displaying the letter C.
Which Toy is the Best? Elmo and Zoe find two toys (a car and a plane) sitting on a wall in the park. They start playing with them and argue over which one is the best. Cookie Monster wanders by and helps solve their problem, by doing a taste test.
Imagining Friends Zoe is imagining a "great friend." She lists off a list of qualities that the friend has to Elmo. Zoe asks Elmo to play along, but Elmo says he doesn't have to imagine, Zoe meets that list.
Zoe says
Zoe Says
(2nd Version)
In a remake of a previous sketch, Zoe plays a game with Elmo called "Zoe Says," and accidentally causes Elmo to fall off the wall.


  1. This segment was inserted into the summer reruns of Episode 3805; it is unknown if the segment appeared in the original broadcast.

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