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Walk-around versions of Elmo have been created for public appearances, including the Sesame Street Live stage shows and the Sesame Place theme parks. Elmo made his debut in walk-around form in the Sesame Street Live show Big Bird's Sesame Street Story in 1987. He was added to Sesame Place in 1992.

Outside of Sesame Place, Elmo also appears at SeaWorld parks, Busch Gardens, Beaches Resorts, Universal Studios Japan, PortAventura, Universal Studios Singapore, and Selva Mágica. Elmo also appeared at the now defunct Tokyo Sesame Place, La Feria de Chapultepec, and Parque Plaza Sésamo, and formerly appeared at Hopi Hari in Brazil, Sea World in Queensland, Australia, and SeaWorld San Diego.

Special/seasonal attire


  • Recent costumes are exactly 5 feet tall.[1]