Full-body puppets/costumes based on Elmo that have been created for the various stage shows and public appearances. Recent costumes are exactly 5 feet tall.[1]

Full Body Puppet/Costume Year Stage Production Notes
Gaw Early-2000s Takalani Sesame events An Elmo costume with startled eyes was used in some promotional events in South Africa. Technically, this is actually Neno, a character directly based on Elmo.
Hoots Live 2001 Let's Be Friends Performed to a vocal track by Kevin Clash.
Elmo sp 2004 Sesame Place Elmo can be seen in his own stage show, Elmo's World, as well as in Big Bird's Beach Party and the Rock Around the Block Parade. He is performed to a vocal track by Kevin Clash.
Sesame Street Christmas Makes Magic preview at YewTee Point 2008-present Christmas Makes Magic A non-shaggy Elmo, as found in a Singapore stage show. This costume is not outfitted with a moving mouth.
Hikayat Simsim Jordan startled Elmo 2010 Hikayat Simsim stage shows An Elmo, startled similar to the earlier South African costume, began appearing in Jordanian events and stage shows in 2010.
Happi and you know it Universal Studios Japan Elmo wears a happi on New Year's Eve.


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