Elmocize is a 1996 Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation.

Monty visits and takes part in Elmo's Exercise Camp as he learns the benefits of exercise. With Rosita, Slimey, and guest appearance by Cyndi Lauper, they will show Monty that exercising is fun and easy to do.


International releases

DVD chapters

  1. Welcome to Elmo's Exercise Camp
  2. Everybody Elmocize!
  3. Exercise With a Caterpillar
  4. Camp Elmo Graduates
  5. Dance to the Rhythm, Dance to the Beat
  6. Workout in a Chair
  7. Parts of the Body
  8. Elbows and Knees Song
  9. Get Up and Bend with Elmo!
  10. "Do the Benny Hop"
  11. Jump, Leap and Skip!
  12. Do the Twist with Cyndi Lauper
  13. Everybody Elmocize Again!


Muppet Performers


With Special Appearances By


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