PERFORMER Miss Piggy character
  Frank Oz puppeteer
DEBUT 1992

Emily Cratchit is Bob Cratchit's wife and the mother of Peter, Betina, Belinda, and Tiny Tim Cratchit from A Christmas Carol and on The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Mrs. Cratchit loves her family and is protective of them, although she has a hard time telling Betina and Belinda apart. She doesn't think highly of Ebenezer Scrooge and is frankly vocal about her opinion, going so far as to critique his wardrobe.

Emily affectionately addresses her husband as "Cratchy." She also tests her chestnuts to see if they are done. In general, Emily is a fiesty protector of her husband and family, threatening to raise Mr. Scrooge right off the pavement when it appears that he is threatening Bob's job. The reverse being the case, Emily graciously pedals back and joins Scrooge, her family, and many visitors for a sumptuous Christmas dinner.