Enrico Maggi (b. 1950) is an Italian voice actor who dubbed Rowlf and Animal in I Muppet alla conquista di Broadway (The Muppets Take Manhattan), which he also voice directed. For the Italian dub of Muppet Babies, Maggi reprised the roles as infants, dubbing Baby Rowlf and Baby Animal, and again directed the dubbing.

Maggi dubbed William Hartnell on Doctor Who, Alan Young on Mister Ed, and Victor Garber in the TV movie Judy Garland. He has been busiest dubbing cartoons, commercials, and promos. Animated characters include Popeye, Italian comics character Cocco Bill, Jolly Jumper on Lucky Luke, Professor X on X-Men, the title role on Black Jack, and various anime roles. He is the station voice of Italy's Canale 5.

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