Epi / Blas ...y los demás (Ernie & Bert ...and the others) is a Sesame Street comic book published in Spain from 1976 to 1979. The comics were written and illustrated by A. Albarran and Antonio Perera (Alba-Perera). Additional artists include Rafa (Rafael Martínez Ibáñez), Vital Rafael, and E. Perez, with Miguel Gonzalez Casquel as co-writer.

The stories frequently featured Bert and Ernie (and other Sesame characters) as notable literary or fairytale characters, including Don Quixote, Frankenstein's Monster, the pirate Sandokan, Robinson Crusoe, Robin Hood, and the dwarves of Snow White.

Many of the stories later appeared in the German-language Sesamstrasse magazine throughout the 1980s. The comics have also been translated into Italian (as Sesamo Apriti) and Dutch (Sesamstraat De grote Strip-Paperback).



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