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Sesame Street
Air date February 26, 1970
Season Season 1 (1969-1970)
Sponsors D, E, M, 8, 9


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 In the kitchen, Susan helps grade papers with Gordon as they welcome the viewer. They suddenly hear Oscar shouting for help outside. They rush over to his can and find him in his guest trash can instead of his usual one. They learn that it's flooded because his swimming pool overflowed, and all of Oscar's furniture and belongings are floating around. ("My train is submerged!") Gordon and Susan begin baling out the water into buckets with a tin cup, counting up to 8…
Cartoon Jazz #8
(First: Episode 0016)

Gordon is almost finished baling out the water. Oscar laments the damage of his more precious trash, including a crumpled piece of paper and a tin can that's now rusty. Susan and Gordon offer to let him stay at their place until his can dries out. Once they're out of earshot, Oscar reflects on the offer: "Boy, people who aren't grouches are really strange!"
Film "Nine Song (Song of Nine)"
(First: Episode 0016)

SCENE 2 Back in the kitchen, Susan dries Oscar off, and Gordon and Bob come to his aid with dry rags, a straw from Big Bird (so he can drink up the leftover water), Rubber Duckie from Ernie to cheer him up, and an inside-out peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Buddy and Jim (Oscar: "They still haven't figured that out, have they?"). Oscar is furious at everyone's hospitality, because it means he has to resentfully thank them.
Film Water is shown in many forms, including oceans, fountains, and snow.
(First: Episode 0007)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Bert wants to tell Ernie something, but Ernie wants to finish his milk first. His cup is very small, but it takes a long time to drink. Bert warns Ernie that he'd better finish by the time he counts to 10.
(First: Episode 0016)
Cartoon Jazz #8 (repeat)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Bert finishes counting to 10 just as Ernie finishes his milk. Bert questions how such a tiny cup can hold such a large amount of milk, so Ernie fills the cup to show him. It turns out to take just as long to fill up as it does to drink, so Ernie takes the time to talk to Bert about various M words.
(First: Episode 0016)
Cartoon M is for Marvelous Martha
(First: Episode 0013)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie's still filling the cup and naming various M words. Exasperated, Bert starts counting to 10 again.
(First: Episode 0016)
Cartoon Ten little Greeblies (bug-like creatures) keep getting separated from their group, teaching a lesson in counting backward.
(First: Episode 0006)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie finishes filling the cup and Bert finally reminds him that they were going to go to the movies. But because Ernie took so long and the movie starts in 5 minutes, there's no way they'll make it in time... until Ernie finishes the cup in one quick swig.
(First: Episode 0016)
Film A gibbon swings, and an audience cheers when the film ends.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0009)

SCENE 3 On the steps, Susan reads Will I Have a Friend? by Miriam Cohen and illustrated by Lillian Hoban. She remarks that Gordon has gone to see Ernie, who needs a friend…
Ernie Gordon Anything.jpg
Muppets / Cast Gordon encounters Ernie, who is sad because everyone is too busy to play with him. Gordon produces a blank Anything Muppet, names him "Harvey" and puts some facial features on him β€” first he's a poet who would rather think of rhymes than play with Ernie, then he's sad, then he's angry. Gordon solves this by modifying Harvey's face to look more like Ernie's, and sees that the two of them seem to have everything else in common. "I think Ernie just made a friend," says Gordon.
(First: Episode 0038)
Cartoon A little girl sings "The Alphabet Song," while continually admonished by an adult in voice-over. (ending cut)
(First: Episode 0010)
Cartoon A small man and his assistant, Dudley, attempt to demonstrate both the capital and lower-case letter D.
(First: Episode 0016)
D balloon.jpg
Cartoon D for Dog: the roles between dog and master are reversed.
(First: Episode 0016)
Cast Buddy and Jim try to put on shoes and socks.
(First: Episode 0017)
Muppets Lefty the Salesman wants to sell an 8 to Ernie, who ran out of money buying some 9s. Ernie then offers to sell Lefty his 9s.
Cartoon Jazz #8 (repeat)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Bert and Ernie try to figure out who owns a cabinet containing cookies. Bert says that the cabinet is his, because he has his first initial, B, on the door. However, the B is spread between two doors, and Ernie opens one door, making the other look like an E.
(First: Episode 0019)
Cartoon E Imagination
Artists: The Hubleys
(First: Episode 0001)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: E for egg
A cow hatches a chick, which says "Moo."
(First: Episode 0002)
SCENE 4 Susan accidentally drops a wet vase and yells "STOP!" but it breaks anyway. "Would't that be a funny thought, though, if you could make things stop like that?"
Film "What if you were magic, and could make things stop just by telling it to, or make it go backwards? Stop! Then you could see what things look like when they're moving. Go forwards! Stop! Well, film is magic, and this is a film, so you can be magic for three minutes. Like this: Go slow, water fountain! Now, you try it."
(First: Episode 0047)

Cast / Muppets Gordon plays a game of "What Will Happen?" with Ernie. After Ernie guesses correctly what will happen when Gordon drops a ball and turns on a radio, Gordon asks what will happen when he picks up a bell and shakes it. Ernie says the bell will ring. Gordon states that a monster will come out and start blowing a flute. Ernie thinks that's silly, but is surprised when that exact thing happens. Gordon admits that he had worked it out beforehand with Cookie Monster, and gives him a cookie. After Gordon leaves, Ernie has an idea for a trick to play on Bert.
(First: Episode 0031)
Cartoon Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes demonstrates near and far.

Muppets Part 2: Ernie tries to play the same trick on Bert, but when Ernie rings the bell, nothing else happens. Bert thinks Ernie's gone bananas, and he leaves. When Ernie wants to know what happened, Cookie Monster says that he couldn't play the flute, because his mouth was full of cookies.
(First: Episode 0031)

SCENE 5 Gordon and Susan go back to grading papers, and have some good news: Oscar has returned to his can! Back home, Oscar announces the sponsors and today's book.

CLOSING SIGNS A bunch of hippies hold the Sesame Street sign, and Cookie Monster holds the Children's Television Workshop sign.

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