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Sesame Street
Rufus opens a lemonade stand
Air date March 5, 1970
Season Season 1 (1969-1970)
Sponsors A, H, T, 10

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Picture Segment Description
0084 01.jpg
SCENE 1 Susan encounters Rufus the dog (who only lives a couple blocks away from Sesame Street), who has set up a lemonade stand. He plans on charging ten cents per glass, so Susan helps him make a sign, since he doesn't know what a 10 looks like.
Film "Ten Song (Song of Ten)"
(First: Episode 0021)
0084 02.jpg
SCENE 2 Rufus now has a sign set up. Gordon is his first customer and notices that Rufus forgot to put the lemons in the lemonade. Gordon says he'll be back later, and Susan introduces the next film.
Film Tomatoes grow in a field.
0084 03.jpg
SCENE 3 Rufus has now added lemons to the lemonade, but he forgot to add the sugar, something he discovers after serving it to Gordon. Susan suggests a spoonful of sugar in each glass.
Muppets The Anything Muppets sing "A Spoonful of Sugar".
(First: Episode 0005)
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0084 04b.jpg
SCENE 4 Bob congratulates Rufus on finally getting it right with the lemonade. He attempts to introduce Rufus to Oscar (played here by Jim Henson), but they don't hit it off instantly. At Bob's suggestion, Rufus pours Oscar a glass of some lemonade, but Bob thinks he might want more, then most. Oscar yells that he doesn't want any lemonade and storms back into his trash can. Bob remarks that Oscar has a temper β€” which is a "T" word.
Cartoon "Poverty T": T is for Trash and Ticket
(First: Episode 0020)
Cartoon T is for Television
(First: Episode 0024)
Ernie Bert T tea.jpg
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie and Bert tell the viewer they're supposed to talk about the letter T. Various words (which appear on screen) begin with T, like triangle, table, telephone, and tickle (Ernie tickles Bert until he's asked to stop). Ernie's favorite thing to do is drink it, but Bert says if you have a cup of tea, you don't have a cup of the letter T. Ernie assures him that he does and drops a T out of his cup.
(First: Episode 0021)
0084 05.jpg
SCENE 5 Gordon encounters Rufus looking sad. He hasn't sold much lemonade today, not even by giving a free gift (a dog biscuit) with each glass. He's only sold one glass so far and drank the rest of it. Gordon points out that Rufus still has the ten cents, which makes him feel better, until Mr. Hooper asks him for payment for the lemons he got earlier.
Film "Ten Song (Song of Ten)" (repeat)
0084 06a.jpg
SCENE 6 Rufus has set up another stand with a sign: "Neat stuff for sale. Ten cents apiece." Among his wares are a rusted strip of metal and a broken brick, which Gordon thinks nobody would buy β€” until Oscar expresses interest.
0084 06b.jpg
Nearby, Susan reads a book to the kids: Look At Me by Marguerita Rudolph. After she reads, the kids all rush away to play jump rope.
Cartoon A boy's jump rope rhyme identifies the parts of his body that hurt - "otherwise I feel fine!"
(First: Episode 0003)
BDM Lecture.JPG
Muppets Kermit's Lectures: Kermit talks about hair. According to Kermit, "Hair is a part of you. It is not a part of me, because I am a frog." He points out that some people have hair on their heads, while others have it on their faces. But if you have hair all over your body -- like Beautiful Day Monster, who emerges brushing himself and singing "A pretty girl is like a melody ..." -- then you're a monster!
(First: Episode 0028)
0084 07.jpg
SCENE 7 Rufus gives Susan a present: a rubber bone. Susan appreciates the gesture and sings "Beautiful Present."
Cartoon A man displays the capital and lowercase A, and explains what an alligator is.
(First: Episode 0006)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: A for Ape
(First: Episode 0006)
Celebrity Lou Rawls sings the alphabet song to a group of kids.
(First: Episode 0043)
Cartoon "Poverty H": A red man tries to think of words that begin with H, but a yellow man keeps spewing them out until Red draws a hole under Yellow, who yells "HELP!!"
(First: Episode 0020)
Cartoon H for hello (voice of Gary Owens)
(First: Episode 0020)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” As Bert takes a nap, Ernie tells the viewer how he knows that Bert is asleep - thus waking Bert up, just to tell him it's time for his nap.
(First: Episode 0027)
Celebrity Burt Lancaster counts while doing pushups.
(First: Episode 0010)
0084 08.jpg
SCENE 8 Mr. Hooper carries a bag of tin cans to throw away, but Gordon asks to use some of them to demonstrate rhythms to the kids.

Film A percussionist on the beach talks about how rhythm is everywhere, such as in breaking waves, walking and horse galloping.
(First: Episode 0032)
Muppets Some Anything Muppets and monsters (including Cookie Monster, an early Grover, Beautiful Day Monster, Scudge, and Fred's son) pile up and count to 10.
Film Grasshopper (harpsichord 50s-style music)
0084 09.jpg
SCENE 9 Gordon transitions from the previous film to the next one.
Film A magnetic crane picks up large pieces of metal.
(First: Episode 0009)
0084 10.jpg
SCENE 10 The sponsors are announced, as well as today's book.

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