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{{episodesesame|plot=Gordon explains parts|airdate=December 1, [[1970]]|season=[[Season 2 (1970-1971)]]|sponsors= [[L]], [[8]]|syndication=|DVD=}}
{{episodesesame|plot=Gordon explains parts|airdate=December 1, [[1970]]|season=[[Season 2 (1970-1971)]]|sponsors= [[L]], [[8]]|syndication=|releases=}}

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Sesame Street
Gordon explains parts
Air date December 1, 1970
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors L, 8


  • Film: Feet
  • Ernie Cleans Up, Part 2: Ernie has almost finished cleaning up the apartment. His toybox is still a mess, so he begins to clean it out, throwing its contents all over the room. (First: Episode 0010)
  • Bob tries to sneak a bag of cookies home without getting noticed by Cookie Monster. Bob encounters Sherlock Hemlock, who has never seen him before and tries to deduce who Bob is. Sherlock comes to the conclusion that Bob must be Cookie Monster, due to the cookies in the bag. Cookie Monster comes and eats the cookies from the bag, so Sherlock realizes that Bob can't be Cookie Monster. Bob then introduces himself, and Sherlock asks if Bob has cookies left that he may have. As Bob finds another cookie, Cookie Monster comes and takes it.
  • Gordon uses a chair to show "parts".
  • Gordon uses a tire to show parts.
  • Gordon uses skin to show parts.
  • Gordon and the kids talk about parts of the body.
  • Cartoon: Poor Solomon Grundy washes a different part of the left side of his body every day, but at the end of the week, "he's still half dirty!" (First: Episode 0001)


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