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Sesame Street
Explaining money
Air date December 3, 1970
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors P, 10


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar the Grouch goes to Hooper's Store to get an ice cream for Susan. He tries to trade rusty bottle caps for the ice cream, but Mr. Hooper refuses the offer. Then Oscar suggests that he could clean the counter in exchange for the ice cream, and Mr. Hooper accepts. Then Oscar has an idea--he could give Mr. Hooper a dime.
Film Two boys each have five cents - one has five pennies, one has a nickel. They see a dime along the way, which is worth ten. They ask the man at the store for change for the dime, and he gives them a nickel and five pennies. They spend their pennies, but then they want to buy an ice cream for ten cents and the machine only takes dimes. They give the store man their nickels in exchange for a dime and they share a fudgesicle.
(First: Episode 0132)
Muppets Anything Muppets sing "Up, Up and Away."
(First: Episode 0049)
SCENE 2 Big Bird walks down the street, listening to sounds and holding three balloons. Herry Monster invites him to play a "sounds" guessing game with him. Big Bird covers his eyes and correctly guesses the sounds of a police whistle and an alarm clock. Herry pops the balloons as part of the game, but gives him some bigger balloons to make up for it.
Film Kids paint P-word animals on glass. (edited)
(First: Episode 0119)
Cartoon "Egg Chant": A girl skips rope as a boy sits with an egg on his knee. They recite an alphabet poem together. The egg hatches and a dancing lizard emerges.
(First: Episode 0003)
Celebrity Tim Conway says, "One more time!"
(First: Episode 0140)
Cartoon "Egg Chant" (repeat)
(First: Episode 0003)
Muppets Ernie tries to teach Cookie Monster to use his knife, fork, and spoon.
(First: Episode 0134)
Cartoon The O in STOP bounces around, and the other letters tell it to stop.
Artists: The Hubleys
P pirate pistol.jpg
Cartoon A short poem about a pirate and his puppy demonstrate the letter P.
(First: Episode 0057)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: P - Pin
(First: Episode 0054)

SCENE 3 Gordon reads a book to the kids: Once a Mouse by Marcia Brown.
Cartoon A polar bear learns what "EXIT" means.
Animation: John and Faith Hubley
(First: Episode 0131)
Muppets Professor Hastings conducts a lecture about the ways people feel, but keeps drifting off. Meanwhile, two groups of Muppets behind him pass by; one cheering for their winning team, and the others crying for the losing team.
(First: Episode 0106)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Kermit and Tracy count to 10.
(First: Episode 0120)
Henson Scanimate 10.jpg
Insert Scanimate Films #10
(First: Episode 0134)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie declares that he's "the world's greatest counter of numbers". To prove it, he counts from 1 to 10, but every time Bert interrupts him, Ernie starts over again. This slowly drives Bert crazy.
(First: Episode 0107)

SCENE 4 At Hooper's Store, Mr. Hooper takes some donuts out of a carton and places them in a large tin can. He puts the lid on the can and briefly leaves. Gordon comes in with a kid who wants a drum, and Gordon mistakes the tin can for a drum, further confusing Mr. Hooper when he gets back.
Film A construction worker yells "Timber" and a tree falls to the ground, but then bounces back up!
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Tree kangaroo and baby.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0026)
Film A construction worker yells "Timber" and a match slowly falls to the ground.
Muppets Grover uses his airplane to demonstrate "above" and "below."
Film A percussionist on the beach talks about how rhythm is everywhere, such as in breaking waves, walking and horse galloping. (edited)
(First: Episode 0032)
P pirate pistol.jpg
Cartoon A short poem about a pirate and his puppy demonstrate the letter P. (repeat)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: P - Pin (repeat)
SCENE 5 Gordon plays "One of These Things": three cylinders and a rectangle, three triangles and an arc.
Film A boy talks his observations and experiences with the rain as he and his father go for a walk in it.
Muppets Ernie tries to count his balloons. The balloons are arranged in a circle, so he continues counting around the circle, and counts some of them twice. Grover has a solution -- he pops each of the balloons as he counts them.
(First: Episode 0133)
Film Lemurs leap and play in a zoo cage.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0032)

SCENE 6 As Gordon and the kids say goodbye, Big Bird announces the sponsors and the book read on today's show.

CLOSING SIGNS Susan holds up the Sesame Street sign, while Gordon holds up the CTW sign at the end.

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