Sesame Street
Big Bird learns the Spanish word for "door"
Air date December 28, 1970
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors Q, T, 5
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Gordon greets the viewer.
Muppets Bob meets Samuel Snively, a circle salesman who can't tell the difference between a circle, square, and triangle.
Muppets Cookie Monster and Herry sing "Circles."
(First: Episode 0131)
Song "1-2-3-4-5!"
(First: Episode 0144)
Kermit Tracy 5 fingers
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentKermit and Tracy count five fingers.
(First: Episode 0125)
Cartoon Jazz #5
(First: Episode 0005)
Celebrity Burt Lancaster counts while doing pushups.
(First: Episode 0010)
Cartoon "Count Up Elevator" -- An elevator operator stops at ten floors to pick up passengers, including a witch, a fireman, and a kangaroo. The tenth passenger, a mouse, causes the elevator to overload and explode.
(First: Episode 0003)
Muppets Ernie wonders what it would be like if everyone was exactly the same, and sees four balls who can't discern each other. Ernie decides to help the balls recognize each other by dressing each of them.
Film A film of things that make sounds, including birds, farm animals, vehicles and footsteps. Is silence a sound? (edited)
(First: Episode 0002)
Film A construction worker yells "Timber" and a tree falls to the ground, but then bounces back up!
(First: Episode 0149)
Cartoon Q - quarter
(First: Episode 0046)
Film A construction worker yells "Timber" and a match slowly falls to the ground.
(First: Episode 0149)
SCENE 2 Gordon and some kids look up and see Alphabet Bates skywrite the letter Q (First: Episode 0047).
Cartoon "Poverty Q": A figure demonstrates Q words, despite the unruly stem of his letter Q that keeps detaching itself.
(First: Episode 0048)
Celebrity Arte Johnson says the alphabet, forgetting a few letters here and there.
(First: Episode 0147)

Muppets Gordon has four things lined up in a row--a harmonica, a whistle, a trumpet, and a banana. He tells Ernie that one of these doesn't belong, and Ernie chooses the banana because you can make music with the instruments, but you eat the banana... or so he thinks. Gordon tells Ernie to blow into the banana and Ernie appears to be playing a horn until Gordon reveals he was honking a horn behind his back the whole time. Amused by the trick, they decide to play the same joke on Cookie Monster, but Cookie has a different idea--you eat the harmonica, whistle, and trumpet, and make beautiful music with the banana!
(First: Episode 0016)
Cartoon "Poverty T": T is for Trash and Ticket
(First: Episode 0020)
SCENE 3 Bob has a box of toys to share with the kids. He points out to them that "toy" begins with T.
Cartoon A poem filled with T words, including a teacher, toys, Texas, and "turtles with brains".
Voice: Bob Arbogast
(First: Episode 0024)
Gordon and the kids form a line and pretend to be a train — which also begins with T.
Cartoon Speech Balloon: T for train
(First: Episode 0022)
Cartoon T is for Television
(First: Episode 0024)
Muppets Part 1: Guy Smiley hosts "The Mr. and Mrs. Game", a quiz show for newlywed monsters.
(First: Episode 0072)
Cartoon "Poverty T" (repeat)
Muppets Part 2: Mr. and Mrs. Monster win the game, and Guy offers the choice of three prizes: a new house, a trip to Hawaii, or a cookie. Mr. Monster ravenously devours the cookie.
(First: Episode 0072)
Cartoon Children describe how to draw an elephant.
(First: Episode 0052)
Muppets Bob sings "Good Morning Starshine" with a group of hippie Anything Muppets. Bob notices the sun rise -- the beginning of a new day.
(First: Episode 0003)
Cartoon A man goes to the grocery store to buy apples, but he can't decide how many to get. This frustrates the grocer, who has to keep adding and subtracting the amount of apples on his scale.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0132)
Celebrity Arte Johnson adds apples and gets applesauce.
(First: Episode 0132)
Muppets Grover assists Herbert Birdsfoot in a demonstration of the word "THE", by holding a sign with the word as Herbert tells a story and rings a bell whenever the sign is needed. As usual, Grover wears himself out.
Film A very busy man is asked by a voice what "forwards" and "backwards" means, but the man doesn't have time to listen. Instead, he is shown what "backwards" means by watching everything around him go in reverse motion!
Muppets "The IG Family Song"
(First: Episode 0141)
SCENE 4 Big Bird sees a sign on a door which reads "puerta". He learns from Gordon that "puerta" is Spanish for "door", after guessing that it means "monster".
Muppets Ernie tries to teach Cookie Monster to use his knife, fork, and spoon.
(First: Episode 0134)
Cartoon Jazz #5 (repeat)
SCENE 5 The sponsors are announced.

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