Sesame Street
Air date January 15, 1971
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors U, 8



  • Farley explains things one can do with their mind - he plans on going to the door, he imagines who's knocking at it, he remembers it's not his mother and he hopes there's not a scary monster at the door. Herry Monster surprises him by bursting through the door, frightening Farley away. Herry's sorry Farley ran away; he wanted to play.
  • Ernie lies in bed and starts talking about how a square looks like and how many lines it has, then goes on to compare a square with a triangle, then starts to ponder about how many sides a circle has. He goes to sleep just as Bert is about to attempt to answer the question, and Bert ends up not being able to sleep.

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