Sesame Street
Plot Oscar buys a container and makes a can opener
Air date May 13, 1971
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors Q, 2
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  • Gordon introduces the letter Q, and has a friend, Laura, hold the letter U. They think of words that begin with Qu.
  • Story: Bob reads "The Queen's Questions," in which Queen Quinella will give her fortune to someone who likes the letter Q as much as she. One day during a storm, a duck flying by accidentally flies into the castle. The Queen gets very excited, because ducks quack. The duck asks what's going on, so Bob fills him in on the story thus far. With the knowledge that the Queen's fortune could be his, the duck answers all the Queen's questions with Q words. The delighted Queen gives him her fortune--a quarter.
  • Oscar goes to Hooper's Store to buy a container for his cousin Melvin Icky's strawberry milkshakes. He can't decide between a glass, a pitcher, a pale, and a strainer. Mr. Hooper says he can help narrow Oscar's choices, because one of those things is not like the other. Oscar worries that Mr. Hooper will sing. Instead he demonstrates that the glass, the pitcher, and the pale hold liquids, but if you pour a milkshake through a strainer it will end up all over the floor. Oscar takes the strainer.
  • Oscar shows Bob and Laura his new "Oscar Super Duper Automatic Can Opener," created so he won't have to reach up and open his lid when someone knocks on his trash can. The sound of the knocks goes through a megaphone to a sleeping Slimey, which reminds Slimey to practice the tuba. The air from the tuba inflates a balloon, which a passing monkey will think is an orange and try to eat. The monkey will be scared when the balloon pops, and will grab a stick, which is attached to a rope, which is attached to the trash can lid. Bob doubts it will work, so Oscar tells him to try it. Everything works, the lid opens, and Oscar tells Bob to leave him alone.
  • Ernie and the candy salesman: A salesman tries to sell Ernie a piece of pumpkin seed candy for a nickel. Ernie doesn't like pumpkin seed candy, so the salesman offers him a deal--a smaller piece of pumpkin seed candy is better because it will not disgust Ernie as much, and he can have that one for a nickel, too. This continues, until he succeeds in selling Ernie a piece of pumpkin seed candy so small that Ernie cannot even see it.
  • Film: A Native American boy shows what a day in his life is like. (EKA: Episode 0244)
  • Cartoon: "Poverty Q": A figure demonstrates Q words, despite the unruly stem of his letter Q that keeps detaching itself. (First: Episode 0048)
  • Cartoon: A man hangs a "Q" in mid-air as another man comments on how funny-looking it is. (First: Episode 0131)
  • Film: "Head to Toe Puzzle": Two kids put together a puzzle of a boy. (First: Episode 0024)
  • Film: Three boys (including Brian Henson) pretend to be steam shovels, playing in the dirt. This segues into footage of real construction vehicles. A parallel is drawn between the machinery and how the boys' arms and mouths work. (First: Episode 0003)
  • Ernie explains how a scale can determine what is heavier than another object. With the scale, he was planning to split some cookies with Bert, but can't figure out how to do it. Cookie Monster shows him his way of solving the problem: he eats the cookies off each side of the scale until there are no cookies left. Ernie is disappointed since all he's left with is a "really good scale". Cookie disagrees--he's tasted better.

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