Sesame Street
Plot Grover climbs the Sesame Street sign
Air date November 18, 1971
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors G, S, 6
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  • Grover climbs up the Sesame Street sign and has difficulty getting down. At first, he likes the different view he gets from high up. He watches Molly deliver junk mail to Oscar the Grouch, and hears Gordon invite Molly to Hooper's Store for a soda. He wants a soda too, and realizes he cannot get down.
  • Big Bird responds to Grover's calls for help, and suggests he use the elevator or the stairs, or perhaps go get a ladder. Grover finds he can do none of these things, and fears he will have to stay on the sign forever. Giving up, Big Bird says he'll send Grover packages, and Grover says he'll send Big Bird flowers, as he gets good air up there. Finally, Big Bird stands on his tip toes on a box and is able to help Grover down. Grover advises Big Bird never to climb the Sesame Street sign.
  • Guy Smiley hosts "The Trading Game" with contestants Oscar the Grouch and Sally Screamer. Oscar wins a beautiful scarf, and Sally wins a dirty dustrag; they each want the other's prize.
  • Oscar is told that he can't grow pickle ice cream cones in a flower pot; ice cream is made in factories.
  • Tom, Gordon, Molly and Oscar disagree on what is great music to eat ice cream by.
  • Ernie listens to various sounds, and tells Bert that he can't answer the phone in order to listen.
  • Big Bird is proud of a trick that he can do and nobody else can do--standing on one foot. When Gordon informs him that everyone can stand on one foot, Big Bird thinks he has nothing to be proud of. Gordon points out the ways Big Bird is special, and Big Bird is proud to be the only one around with a beak, three-toed feet and yellow feathers.
  • Snow White visits the house of the Six Dwarves; she has to count them several times before she realizes that she's in the wrong house.
  • Tom sews a square button on a jacket that has three round buttons.
  • Herry Monster: Herry finds Betty Lou crying: the other kids teased her because she doesn't know the difference between near and far. Herry helps her by placing three little boys in a row: the one who is nearest will get a surprise. When the surprise turns out to be a kiss, the boys start running far away from Herry...
  • Gordon asks the Kids to make noises like a dog, a cat, a cow, a lion and a pig. He asks if they've ever heard a seal, introducing a film about seal noises.
  • Cartoon: G - Glue
  • S is for subway, sailboat, sled, scooter, skates, skis, and stop.
    Artists: The Hubleys
  • Ernie has gone shopping -- buying bread for himself, and peanut butter for Bert. They realize that it's dull to eat what they have separately, and they decide to cooperate, so they can each have a peanut butter sandwich.

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