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Sesame Street
Big Bird asks Tom not to use the bug spray
Air date December 7, 1971
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors D, W, 7
This episode guide has been compiled from script materials provided by a trusted source.


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 As we come closer and closer, David asks if we know the difference between here and there.
Film A talking tree tells a boy about the difference between here and there, near and far, and close and next to.
(First: Episode 0111)
Muppets Lefty's boss makes sure Lefty knows the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0236)
Cartoon D-dart
SCENE 2 At the library, David isn't sure whether or not he wants to borrow a book, while Maria is fussing with a wobbly table leg. David decides he wants a book--not one of stories or pictures or recipes, but one that nobody ever reads. Maria hands him "The Complete History of Chickens." He says that's just what he's looking for, and puts it under the table leg so the table won't wobble.
Cast water tap 01.jpg
Cast Part 1: In limbo, and without dialogue save for a voiceover, Tom, Rafael, Gordon, and Bob all try to get a drink of water from the same tap, but they keep arguing and bumping into each other when they all reach for it at the same time. The result is that no one gets a drink of water.
Cartoon Two men discuss who they love, as one man asserts that you can't love an ice cream cone.
Cast water tap 02.jpg
Cast Part 2: The four men circle the water tap eyeing one another while the voicover wonders what they will do. One of them holds the tap while the other gets a drink. The voiceover declares that some things are easy when you cooperate.
SCENE 3 Members of the cast appear individually to show a cutout of a lowercase "d".
Song Joe Raposo asks the musical question, "Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?"
(First: Episode 0276)
SCENE 4 A Spanish-speaking kid in the library asks Maria if he should borrow a book that is in Spanish or a book that is in English. Since he can read both, Maria suggests that he take both books.
Muppets Ernie has four apples, and wants to draw the number 4, showing that he has four apples. However, Cookie Monster wants to eat an apple, so Ernie crosses out the 4 and draws a 3. Then Cookie Monster decides not to eat the apple, causing Ernie to have to cross out the 4 again and draw another 3, over and over again.
(First: Episode 0140)
Cartoon A man goes to the grocery store to buy apples, but he can't decide how many to get. This frustrates the grocer, who has to keep adding and subtracting the amount of apples on his scale.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0132)
SCENE 5 Big Bird wants an ice cream, but Tom is busy taking dolls off the shelves, reducing their prices and putting them in sale bins. Big Bird offers to cooperate with Tom so the job gets done faster and he can get his ice cream. He finds he is not good at labeling prices or putting dolls in boxes, but he can help get them off the shelf because he is tall.
Celebrity The New York Mets make 15 hits in a row, but miss on the 16th.
(First: Episode 0167)
Cartoon "Four Seasons"
(First: Episode 0276)
SCENE 6 Big Bird reasons that the spray that is bad for flies is also bad for birds and people. He asks Tom not to use it, especially around a place where he's eating.
Cartoon A man walks by different people who demonstrate what love is.
Muppets Herry Monster (wearing a wig with a bow) spells out LOVE and kisses Tony.
(First: Episode 0197)
SCENE 7 Maria holds up a circle (while her face fills the screen) and asks if we can find two more circles hidden somewhere in her face. She explains that there's a circle in the middle of each eye.
Muppets Grover the Assistant: Grover volunteers to assist the Amazing Mumford in his suspension act. Grover will get on top of a platform, and Mumford will pull the pillar off from underneath, and the platform will not fall. The trick works, so Grover decides to try it himself, with Herry Monster as his assistant. Grover can't pull it off, and Herry falls.
Cartoon Speech Balloon: W for water
(First: Episode 0062)
Film A construction worker yells "Timber" and a tree falls to the ground, but then bounces back up!
(First: Episode 0149)
SCENE 8 David counts seven kids who pop up from behind a basement railing.
Muppets The Anything Muppets sing "Seven Days."
(First: Episode 0072)
Celebrity The New York Mets make 20 hits in a row.
(First: Episode 0167)
SCENE 9 Members of the cast appear individually to show a cutout of a capital "D".
Cartoon D-dart (repeat)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper approaches a man and says, "Knock, knock!" The man asks, "Who's there?". Harvey says, "Dion." The man asks, "Dion who?" Then Harvey slaps a letter D on the man's chest and says, "D on you!"
0244 06a.jpg

0244 06b.jpg
Cast Gordon demonstrates the different kind of outfit he might wear if were a farmer rather than a school teacher.
(First: Episode 0244)
Cartoon W - wallpaper
(First: Episode 0291)
Cartoon "Wanda the Witch"
Animation by Tee Collins
(First: Episode 0001)
Film A construction worker yells "Timber" and a match slowly falls to the ground.
(First: Episode 0149)
SCENE 10 Tom classifies by size as he sings the Classification Song.
Cartoon Jazz #7
(First: Episode 0136)
Muppets Lefty the Salesman wants to sell Ernie a painting of a tree, which he says is a picture of four elephants. Ernie doesn't see the four elephants, so Lefty offers to show him the elephants if Ernie will buy the picture for a nickel. Lefty points out the elephants, which are actually spaces in the tree's branches. Ernie shells out for the picture. Ernie wants to pull the same trick on Bert, but Bert notices the elephants right away.
SCENE 11 David classifies by size as he sings the Classification Song.
Animation A 3 looks for its house.
Muppets Kermit's Lectures: Kermit and Grover demonstrate "here" and "there".
(First: Episode 0277)
SCENE 12 Maria sees that Oscar has set up an elaborate alarm for himself: a spike on his can lid adjacent to a balloon on a string. When someone opens the lid, the spike pops the balloon, so Oscar will know to tell the offender not to dump trash on his head.
Cartoon Speech Balloon: W for water (repeat)
Film A film shows parts of a flower.
Music: Vivaldi's Concerto for lute, 2 violins and continuo in D Major II - Largo
(First: Episode 0008)
Cartoon W - wallpaper (repeat)
SCENE 13 David is proud of the model airplane which he made; a kid is proud because he's learned to tie his own shoelaces. Big Bird is proud of his ability at horseshoe throwing – but he needs more practice.
Film Kids play in the snow.
Music: Joe Raposo
SCENE 14 Maria is proud because she got an A on a paper for school. Big Bird decides to quit horseshoes, until he makes one.
Cartoon Jazz #7 (repeat)
Muppets Ernie has a stack of seven cupcakes that he wants to take a picture of, but Cookie Monster keeps stealing cupcakes (which he calls "cuppycakes").
(First: Episode 0136)
SCENE 15 As we get farther and farther, David waves goodbye. The sponsors are announced.

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