Sesame Street
Plot Grover tells Molly that he'd like to try being a letter carrier.
Air date December 10, 1971
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors C, L, 10
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  • Molly meets Grover, who is wearing a postman's cap and jacket and is carrying his own little pouch. He says that he wants to be a letter carrier just like her, so she gives him a couple of letters to deliver to see how he likes the job.
  • Cartoon: Two boys wish a giant letter L would drop from the sky and someone would tell them a story about it, and then it happens. (EKA: Episode 0198)
  • When Grover delivers a letter to Big Bird, he picks up a sack of birdseed which Big Bird is mailing to his nephew. Although the sack is little to Big Bird, it is big to Grover, and he staggers under the weight.
  • When Grover attempts to deliver a letter to Oscar, he's told that he has to mess it up a little first. He must jump up and down on it, crumple it, pour mud on it, and hit it with a hammer. An exhausted Grover tells Molly that he doesn't want to be a letter carrier anymore.
  • Shovellin' Sam (a prospector), a flower, and a fish meet in the desert. They find that they all need water in different ways.
  • Kermit gets to be all over the place. There's a frog in a nest and in a box. There's a frog on the counter and on the trash can. There's a frog under the table and under the newspaper.
  • Tom, Cookie Monster and some kids play a rhyming game. Tom reads an animal poem, and the kids have to fill in the last word.
  • Molly plays a memory game with Big Bird and some kids. She puts three things in a box and asks the kids to try to remember what they are.
  • Tom and Susan sing and classify by quantity.
  • Crossover L
  • Film: Two birds.

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