Sesame Street
Plot Oscar puts up too many "NO" signs.
Air date December 14, 1971
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors P, U, 9, 12
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  • Oscar surrounds his trash can with "NO" signs. He explains that these signs -- "No Visitors", "No Ball Playing", "No Standing", "No Salesmen", "No Sitting", "No Stopping", "No Talking", "No Knocking", "No Dumping", "No Deliveries", "No Nothing" -- are to tell people to stay away from him.
  • Oscar finds that the "No" signs work too well. Because of the "No Deliveries" sign, Bob refuses to deliver a package that Oscar wants. Because of the "No Dumping" sign, Mr. Hooper refuses to dump some desirable dish rags and broken soda bottles in Oscar's trash can. Because of the "No Salesmen" sign, the Mudman refuses to sell Oscar his fresh supply of mud.
  • Maria and Big Bird try to match a piece of wallpaper sample with the proper one from different scraps of wallpaper. Big Bird thinks he knows which two are alike, but Maria puts them on the ground so he can have a closer look. Then he is sure of the two that look alike--both have diamonds AND great big bird footprints on them.
  • Two Muppet children, who can only read some words, resolve their fight over a large book by helping each other and reading alternate words.
  • Mr. Hooper, wearing a loud straw hat and arm garters, holds the number "1" in his right hand and the number "2" in his left hand -- and makes a salesman's presentation of the fantastic, fun-filled number 12.
  • Cartoon: Offscreen voices try to guess what a line turns into. The line becomes a picture of a kite, but a piece breaks off and turns the picture into a fish. (This animation is shown twice -- in English and Spanish.)
  • Bob sings the Sorting Song as he and some kids sort some kitchen items according to function.
  • Gordon explains that everything alive needs food so it can live and grow. As he waters a flower, he further explains that a plant gets its food from the soil and water. And if it grows, then a cow can eat the flower and have food so it can make milk. And then we can drink the milk.
  • A Muppet boy thinks that a Muppet girl is talking about him when she expresses her love for the perfect picture of U.
  • A kid asks Mr. Hooper for a quart of milk in Spanish. Maria translates for Mr. Hooper.
  • Big Bird gobbles away at a full bag of birdseed until there is none left.
  • Ernie & BertBert is reluctant to let Ernie see his new toy truck since he might break it. When he notices that Ernie is crying, Bert tries to apologize for his actions -- only to discover that Ernie is crying because he is cutting up onions.
  • What's My Part?

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