Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird hears a dripping sound.
Air date January 17, 1972
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors C, L, 3
This episode guide has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Tom curves his body into a C shape and an L shape.
  • Big Bird tries to discover what is causing a dripping sound. He turns the switch on the mixing machine and gets a whirr; he pushes the keys on the cash register and gets the sound of a drawer opening and a bell dinging; he turns the handle on the alarm clock and gets a ringing. Finally, Tom turns the handle on the faucet and the dripping sound stops.
  • Because the rope on the clothesline is stuck, Bob goes fishing for his shirt, out on the middle of the line, from his second story window. He hooks the tail of the shirt.
  • Rafael shows some kids a picture with hidden fish in it and asks them to find them.
  • Oscar is swooping empty jars through the air and putting caps on them. He explains to Tom that he's bottling smoke and pollution for his Dirty Air Sale.
  • In introducing the next film, Rafael gives clues to what it isn't. He says it isn't about this and points to his feet, then his leg, then his stomach, then his chest, then his arm. The film is about hands.
  • "La, La, La": Ernie and Bert sing about words that begin with L. Ernie focuses on pretty words like laughter and lollipops; Bert wants to sing about light bulbs and linoleum.
  • Two people want to borrow Tom's ladder. Bob needs it to fix his clothesline and Rafael needs it to paint the outside of his window. Bob and Rafael agree to hold the ladder for each other so that it won't slip and fall. They take away the ladder to use together.
  • It's time to play the Sound Game. As Maria soundlessly types, the viewers are asked what the right sound is for a typewriter to make. We hear a toot, the clank of chains and then a typewriter sound. As Rafael soundlessly strums his guitar, the viewers are asked what that sound should be. We hear the oompah of a tuba, some thunder, and then a guitar strumming.
  • Maria sings the Sorting Song in English and Spanish.
  • Film: Hands
  • The cast demonstrates L words, including "look," "light," "little" and "litter."

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