Sesame Street
Plot Linda moves to Sesame Street.
Air date January 24, 1972
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors Q, 8
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  • Big Bird finds furniture on the street. He immediately thinks everyone is moving away from Sesame Street. He worries that he'll be left all alone.
  • Tom, David and Susan arrive, with new neighbor Linda. They find Big Bird moaning. Linda talks to Big Bird in sign language, explaining that the furniture belongs to her. He's puzzled by the way she talks, and asks what she's saying. Tom explains that Linda can't hear; she reads lips. Linda shows Big Bird how to say his name in sign language. He likes it. Big Bird helps Linda and the others carry her furniture to her new apartment down the street.
  • Linda meets Luis on the street. He has a large toolbox full of stuff. She tells him in sign language that her apartment is messy. She needs a button that you push, some wire, and a light bulb. Luis takes the things out of his toolbox as she signs them. He wants to know what all of this is for. Linda says she can't hear her doorbell ring. If it's hooked up with wire and a light bulb, then the light will go on when people push the button.
  • Linda invites Oscar to her moving-in party. He yells about how he hates parties. Linda decides that one of the good things about being deaf is that if anybody yells at you, you just don't hear it.
  • Luis does "Q" words for a group of children. Linda shows them how to sign "Q" in finger spelling. Luis shows them the words Quick, Quiet, Question, Queen, Quiver and Quit. Linda signs the words and encourages the children to try to sign them too.
  • Luis and David demonstrate heavy and light.
  • Linda signs a poem as Luis reads it.
  • Cartoon: A guru counts to twenty. (English and Spanish versions) (EKA: Episode 0276)
  • David, Luis and Linda count in different languages.

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