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Sesame Street
Big Bird looks for something to do.
Air date February 1, 1972
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors G, N, 3
This episode guide has been compiled from script materials provided by a trusted source.


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird is bored because he has nothing to do. He asks everyone he meets โ€“ Maria, David and Bob โ€“ if he can help them to do something, and they all decline his offer.
Muppets Sherlock Hemlock investigates the letter N.
(First: Episode 0253)
Cartoon Nancy the nanny goat nibbles her nails and notices noodles.
Artist: Tee Collins
(First: Episode 0240)
N naughty.jpg
Cartoon N is naughty, nice, nodding, nickel, noon, nibbling, nest, nut, nose, night, nine, and nursing.
(First: Episode 0140)
SCENE 2 Big Bird encounters Luis at the Fix-it Shop, about to fix a bike. Luis has a hammer and pliers, but realizes he doesnโ€™t have a screwdriver, and asks Big Bird to look for one.
Cartoon Donnie Budd sings about three trios of animals who live on a fat lady's lap.
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0299)

Film Number Three Ball Film: A red ball follows a rollercoaster-like track through checkpoints (each, a set of three) that are counted in voiceover. At the end, the ball is ground up into a powder.
(First: Episode 0254)
Film Kids play in the snow.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0292)
Cartoon G is for Glue
Artists: The Hubleys
(First: Episode 0279)
Cartoon An N-terview with an N
Artist: John Paratore
(First: Episode 0131)
Cartoon Jack-in-the-Box School
(First: Episode 0284)
Mets hit 10 miss on 11.jpg
Celebrity The New York Mets make 10 hits in a row, but miss on the 11th.
(First: Episode 0135)
Muppets Ernie & Bert โ€” Ernie asks Bert to go play in the park with him. When Bert says no, Ernie wonders if he isn't feeling well and starts to examine him.
(First: Episode 0124)
Gordon magician Susan Hooper.jpg
Cast Gordon appears as a magician sitting in a chair. He magically brings in Susan and Mr. Hooper, as well as a number counting them all. The other two pop in and out, forcing Gordon to change the number until he makes them all vanish.
(First: Episode 0233)
Cartoon Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes displays a G, for "good." She gets kissed by a monster, who says, "Gee, that was good!"
(First: Episode 0279)
Film City alphabet (Joe Raposo instrumental with kid voiceover)
(First: Episode 0132)
SCENE 3 The kids watch Alphabet Bates in his skywriting plane write out the letter N (First: Episode 0040).

Muppets Cookie Monster wants to go to school, but he can't tell which building the school is because he can't read. An Anything Muppet tells him to read the letters on the sign on one of the buildings. Cookie tears the sign off the building, but once he's read the sign, he still doesn't know which building the school is.
(First: Episode 0184)
Film A boy tells what happens on a fishing boat.
(First: Episode 0028)
Muppets Granny Fanny Nesselrode reads a letter from a viewer asking how to tell the difference between two kittens. Granny herself can't tell the difference, despite the fact that the two cats are different colors.
(First: Episode 0171)
SCENE 4 Maria explains to Oscar that Mrs. Aguilloโ€™s baby is crying because he's hungry. Since he's too small to feed himself, Maria gives him a bottle of milk. She says that even little animals in the zoo get bottles when their mothers aren't around.
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Baby animals are fed milk.
(First: Episode 0238)
Muppets Grover the Assistant: Grover volunteers to assist the Amazing Mumford in his suspension act. Grover will get on top of a platform, and Mumford will pull the pillar off from underneath, and the platform will not fall. The trick works, so Grover decides to try it himself, with Herry Monster as his assistant. Grover can't pull it off, and Herry falls.
(First: Episode 0292)
Gordon Bob beach box.jpg
Cast Because the lid of a box won't stay open by itself, Gordon can't put a large beachball in it alone, and Bob can't put a large inflated beach animal toy in it alone. They discover that if one of them holds the lid the other can easily put his article in the box.
(First: Episode 0296)
Muppets An Anything Muppet sings "Minute Waltz."
(First: Episode 0019)
Mets miss 15.jpg
Celebrity The New York Mets make 14 hits in a row, but miss on the 15th.
(First: Episode 0167)
Muppets Waiter Grover: Grover opens a menu, and shows Mr. Johnson a large picture of a specialty sandwich, which comes with potato chips on the side, a pickle on the top, and an olive inserted on a toothpick. When the sandwich arrives, Mr. Johnson complains that it doesn't match the picture on the menu - it doesn't have potato chips, a pickle, or an olive. After Grover finally gets the order right, Mr. Johnson says he doesn't have time to eat it, since his lunch hour is over, and leaves. An exasperated Grover throws a tantrum in the kitchen.
SCENE 5 Luis sings a "Same/Different Song" in English and Spanish.
Muppets Goldilocks attempts to show the bears how many are in their family.
(First: Episode 0277)
Cast The cast and some kids appear on a row of chairs, illustrating none, some and all.
Muppets Ernie wonders what it would be like if everyone was exactly the same, and sees four balls who can't discern each other. Ernie decides to help the balls recognize each other by dressing each of them.
(First: Episode 0166)
SCENE 6 The sponsors are announced.

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