Sesame Street
Plot Oscar is locked out of his trash can
Air date February 4, 1972
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors F, 6
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  • Oscar puts a lock on his trash can -- but he forgets his key, and locks himself out. Tom suggests that he saw the lock off, but that would ruin the new lock. Luis offers to pry off the lid with his crowbar, but that would dent the lid. Oscar is saved when his pet worm, Slimey, slithers the key out through the crack between the can and the lid.
  • Ernie & BertErnie can't sleep, so Bert tells him to count sheep. Ernie tries to count sheep, but it's dull -- so he starts counting fire engines. The noise from the imaginary fire engine wakes Bert up. Bert says that Ernie's waking up the whole neighborhood, and tells him to count something quieter. Ernie counts balloons -- but the balloon gets bigger and bigger, finally bursting with a huge explosion that wakes Bert up again. (EKA: Episode 0276)
  • Oscar puts up a loudspeaker outside his trash can. He hopes to prevent people from visiting him by playing sounds that will scare them away -- like a fierce dog barking, and a lion roaring.
  • Oscar throws eight swimfins down his trash can to his friend who's taking a swim in his pool. His friend is an octopus.
  • Big Bird tells Susan that he's going to fight the noise pollution on Sesame Street. Sure enough, as he makes comments about them, the horns honking, the jet plane overhead, the motorcycle blasting and the garbage cans being rattled, all become quiet -- because they've already passed by.
  • Oscar notes that if there are four people, and two walk away, then there are two left. If one leaves, then there's one; if that last one leaves, then there are none.
  • Cartoon: A football player asks a riddle teach the letter F: In what sport do players try to get the ball over the other team's goal line -- before they are tackled? (EKA: Episode 0135)
  • Cartoon: A flea circus performs feats beginning with the letter F.
  • Cartoon: Frances Fairy displays several F words.
  • Six umbrellas are opened.
  • A series of surprises: a flower squirts water, an egg leaps from the frying pan and back into the shell and a balloon is pricked, but a second one pops instead.
  • Three Anything Muppets (including George) individually try to sell lemons, water, and sugar. After all of their businesses fail, the three cooperate to start a lemonade stand.
  • The Counting Song
  • Same and Different (getting dressed)
  • Film: Two boxes become same and different, leading to a battle between the two.

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