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Sesame Street
Fixing Susan's leaky faucet
Air date February 11, 1972
Season Season 3 (1971-1972)
Sponsors I, J, 11

0340 00.jpg

Picture Segment Description
0340 01.jpg
SCENE 1 Cookie Monster is confronted with a dripping faucet in Susan's kitchen. In an attempt to remedy the situation, Cookie first tries stuffing the faucet with a banana. When this fails, he tries placing a pot under the faucet, which only results in amplifying the dripping. Cookie places a dishrag in the pot, which reduces the noise, but he still doesn't like the idea of wasting water. The solution finally occurs to him -- he'll stand under the faucet and drink the dripping water! Susan returns, and with a firm twist of the faucet, she ends the dripping. Cookie is certainly glad that he has a smart friend.
Cartoon A boy and a dog fight over a letter "I."
(First: Episode 0143)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper asks a man, "Do you want me to keep an eye on your hat?" The man says yes. Harvey then puts a letter I on top of the man's hat, crushing it in the process.
(First: Episode 0288)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: I - ice cream.
(First: Episode 0033)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie can't decide which of the two different shelves he should place a large vase on, so Bert tells him to use his imagination. Ernie imagines the vase falling off the little shelf and Bert kicking him out of the apartment. Then, Ernie imagines putting the vase on the big shelf, and Bert rewarding him with a big surprise party.
(First: Episode 0277)
Cartoon Checkerboard transition cartoon
(First: Episode 0105)
Cartoon A Gary Owens-voiced man attempts to discuss the letter I, but is jeered by an offscreen voice. The man uses him as an example of the word "impolite".
(First: Episode 0032)
Tom Alphabet Dancers lowercase i.jpg
Cast Tom and a kid, as the Alphabet Dancers, make a lowercase i. (Jerry Nelson narrates).
0340 02.jpg
SCENE 2 Oscar the Grouch shows Grover how his pet, Slimey the Worm, can imitate the letter i (Oscar adds the dot on top). Grover tells Slimey he's proud of him, prompting a kiss from the worm.
Muppets Cookie Monster asks a girl the instructions of creating an egg sandwich; which is by combining - slices of bread, butter, a hard boiled egg, and salt together. Cookie literally follows the instructions by placing the ingredients in his mouth, much to the chagrin of the girl.
(First: Episode 0156)
Film; Cut Outs 2;00.jpg
Animation Kids narrate a variety of shapes that come together to form an ice cream cone, a bird, a clown, a mouse, a carriage, a man, a sailboat, a lady, a dog, an umbrella, a cat, a face, a train, a see-saw, and a lollipop.
(First: Episode 0284)
Transition The screen fills up with fluid.
(First: Episode 0105)
0340 03.jpg
SCENE 3 Susan asks a group of children what the word future means. She asks them to imagine something that they don't have now. Susan agrees that there's a lot of new, wonderful things waiting for us, someday.
New Bridge no5 Bounce.jpg
Film New Bridge #5 - Bounce
(First: Episode 0105)
Celebrity Bill Cosby counts to 20 with his "twin."
(First: Episode 0135)
Muppets An Anything Muppet girl shows the viewers that the number 11 is the same right side up and upside down.
(First: Episode 0183)
Cartoon Henson: Eleven Cheer
(First: Episode 0273)
Bob Gordon crossover 11.jpg
Cast Bob and Gordon erect an 11.
(First: Episode 0183)
Wally and Ralph open window.jpg
Cast Wally and Ralph use various objects trying to keep a newspaper from blowing away next to an open window.
Dot Bridge 14 squares dominate.jpg
Cartoon Dot Bridge #14: Dots line up at the same time as some squares who ultimately dominate the board
(First: Episode 0297)
0340 04.jpg
SCENE 4 Oscar enters Mr. Hooper's store, asking for a banana. Mr. Hooper produces the banana, and now Oscar wants it unpeeled. Oscar asks for another unpeeled banana, saying, "One banana and one banana make two bananas." Now that he has all these bananas, Mr. Hooper imagines that he must be very hungry. But all Oscar wants is the peels, so he can watch people trip on them.
Cartoon Speech Balloon - I: An iron irons the word.
(First: Episode 0314)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: I for Island.
(First: Episode 0314)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie answers the telephone. Bert overhears the conversation, which involves a baseball game, a rainy day, and a gorilla stealing a bologna sandwich. When Bert asks who just called, Ernie says it was a wrong number.
(First: Episode 0305)
Cartoon A man has a J under his hat.
(First: Episode 0231)
0340 05.jpg
SCENE 5 Susan sings "Here Are Some Things" using kitchen utensils.
Dot Bridge 16 crumpled.jpg
Cartoon Dot Bridge #16: Dots kick aside a crumpled object
(First: Episode 0283)
Batman Penguin.jpg
Cartoon Batman and Robin catch the Penguin's gang who has dirty windows, teaching the opposite pairings of clean and dirty.
(First: Episode 0099)
Bob Gordon mess.jpg
Cast Bob and Gordon cooperate to clean up a mess.
(First: Episode 0209)
Film George the Farmer demonstrates noisy and quiet.
(First: Episode 0241)
Story of Quiet and Loud.jpg
Muppets / Cast Bob tells the story of a mother who had a loud child (who screamed all the time) and a quiet child (who whispered all the time). The Amazing Mumford casts a spell to reverse their afflictions.
(First: Episode 0305)
0340 06.jpg
SCENE 6 Two Muppet kids, Seth (Frank Oz) and Boomer (Jerry Nelson), are walking down the street when Boomer produces his special throwing rock. Seth wants a try at throwing, but Boomer refuses. Finally, Boomer agrees to let Seth have a try at the rock -- if he'll agree to break a window with it. Seth hesitates. Boomer insists that if he throws the rock, he'll be cool, but if he refuses, he'll be a chicken and a scaredy-cat. Seth still refuses, when Jay enters. He's proud of Seth for not breaking the window, and comments that if anyone is chicken, it's Boomer. With that, Seth and Jay leave.
Muppets The Hands count to 11.
(First: Episode 0217)
BB subtraction crossover.jpg
Cast Bob, Susan, Mr. Hooper, Big Bird, and Gordon line up in limbo and a voiceover (Fran Brill) asks how many of them there are, how many when they're all mixed up, and how many when each of them are subtracted one by one.
(First: Episode 0260)
Muppets Grover and Oscar the Grouch recite the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0229)
George the Farmer embedded shapes.jpg
Film George the Farmer shows embedded shapes using drawing of geometric forms and household objects with the same shape.
(First: Episode 0288)
Film The kids form a triangle and a square.
(First: Episode 0300)
0340 07.jpg
SCENE 7 Mr. Hooper has a large bag of groceries for Michael to take home to his mother. The problem is, the bag is too heavy for the kid to lift. If he had a wagon, the load would be easier -- or he could make two trips. Mr. Hooper comes up with the perfect solution -- another kid can help carry the package. After Michael calls Danny over, Mr. Hooper comments that sometimes two people working together can get a job done more easily than one person working all alone.
Animation An orange pops out of a basket of fruits and gets "made up" as the face of Carmen, the role in the opera of the same name. While singing "Habanera," the famed aria from the opera, Carmen loses her "face" and can't resume singing until the wig returns.
(First: Episode 0277)
Film The Mad Painter #11
(First: Episode 0329)
Cartoon A boy and a dog fight over a letter "I." (repeat)
0340 08.jpg
SCENE 8 The kids toss a ball around in front of the carriage house. Susan announces the sponsors and the credits roll.

CLOSING SIGNS Cookie Monster holds up the Sesame Street sign, and Mr. Hooper and Susan hold the CTW sign at the end.

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