Sesame Street
Plot Nobody believes that Snuffy is real.
Air date January 24, 1973
Season Season 4 (1972-1973)
Sponsors D, Z, 10
This episode guide has been compiled from listings in Tucson Daily Citizen.
  • Ernie & BertBert say it's Ernie's turn to go to laundromat. He put numerous things in the laundry basket, including storybooks, cookies, his boots, and a radio. Before long, the basket has no room for the laundry, so he decides to go play baseball instead.
  • Simon Soundman goes to Marvin's Music City to buy a nice shiny trumpet. However, Marvin keeps bringing the wrong instrument.
  • The letter F joins U and N to make the word FUN. Some Anything Muppets appear in to have fun.

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