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Nobody believes that Snuffy is real / Another snowy day
Air date January 24, 1973
Season Season 4 (1972-1973)
Production October 25, 1972
Sponsors D, Z, 10
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 On another snowy day, Gordon is about to brush the snow off the 123 Sesame Street basement railing, when The Count shows up, looking for something to count. Gordon says he can count the number of times it takes him to brush off the snow.
Cartoon Workmen construct a D building, filled with everything that begins with D.
(First: Episode 0406)
Muppets Ernie sings "Dee, Dee, Dee" as Cookie Monster hastily demonstrates each D word.
(First: Episode 0319)
Cartoon Things that are same and different.
(First: Episode 0300)
0316 giraffes.jpg
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: a herd of giraffes move their way through a field.
(First: Episode 0316)
Cartoon Kids narrate a letter 'Z' drawing
(First: Episode 0359)
SCENE 2 Gordon and Oscar demonstrate same and different with their hats.
Cartoon D-dart
(First: Episode 0292)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Part 1: Bert tells Ernie to clean up the messy apartment.
(First: Episode 0010)
Film D is a very useful letter -- there are animals, jobs, and hobbies that begin with D.
(First: Episode 0367)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Part 2: Ernie has almost finished cleaning up the apartment. His toybox is still a mess, so he begins to clean it out, throwing its contents all over the room.
(First: Episode 0010)
Cartoon "Ten Turtles"
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0425)
Muppets A female Anything Muppet discusses the concept of "same" using her reflection in the mirror. The reflection begins speaking on its own. The girl faints and the reflection decides to do the same.
(First: Episode 0376)
Cartoon Z for zebra and zoo
(First: Episode 0281)
SCENE 3 Susan demonstrates same and different in song, displaying a hammer and a saw.
Cartoon A girl talks about preparing to play with her new sled.
Artist: Jim Simon
(First: Episode 0413)
Muppets Simon Soundman goes to Marvin's Music City to buy a nice shiny trumpet. However, Marvin keeps bringing the wrong instrument.
Film The Mad Painter #10
(First: Episode 0328)
SCENE 4 Mr. Snuffleupagus visits Big Bird, who tells him to stay there while he gets Susan. She tries to open the door to Big Bird’s nest area, but Snuffy is trying to open it from the other side, so she thinks it’s stuck. Big Bird tells Snuffy to get far away from the door, which he does – too far. Susan thinks Big Bird has quite an imagination.
Cartoon "Daddy Dear"
(First: Episode 0367)
Muppets Kermit talks about "same" by showing two identical rectangles. Cookie Monster eats one of them, making them different.
(First: Episode 0018)
Mama Busca.jpg
Cartoon A child runs through a crowd shouting for MAMA.
Letters form FUN.jpg
Insert Jerry Nelson narrates three letters coming together to form the word FUN. The letters celebrate with confetti and streamers.
Film "Ten Song (Song of Ten)"
(First: Episode 0021)
SCENE 5 Susan combines “Da” and “vid” to form “David”.
Cartoon Workmen construct a D building, filled with everything that begins with D. (repeat)
Muppets Ernie & BertBert says it's Ernie's turn to go to the laundromat. He puts numerous things in the laundry basket, including storybooks, cookies, his boots, and a radio. Before long, the basket has no room for the laundry, so he decides to go play baseball instead.
Film Kids count 18 backflips.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0408)
Cartoon Kids narrate a letter 'Z' drawing (repeat)
SCENE 6 David blends “Gor” and “don” to form “Gordon”, but Susan appears instead (“Gordon couldn’t make it”).
Animation Three lines attempt to individually reach the top of the TV screen, but fail. They succeed after they combine all of their lengths.
(First: Episode 0288)
Muppets / Cast Kermit's Lectures: Bob holds an American bullfrog and asks Kermit to talk about frogs. However, due to living a somewhat different life than normal frogs, what Kermit says about frogs is somewhat incorrect; for example, Kermit believes that frogs eat fried chicken and pizza, and live in apartment houses.
(First: Episode 0277)
Cartoon Z for zebra and zoo (repeat)
Film Footage of various bird species including hens, flamingos, pigeons, owls, ostriches, cockatoos, and others.
Music: (piano and whistling) Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0019)
Cartoon D-dart (repeat)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper approaches a man and says, "Knock, knock!" The man asks, "Who's there?". Harvey says, "Dion." The man asks, "Dion who?" Then Harvey slaps a letter D on the man's chest and says, "D on you!"
(First: Episode 0292)
Cartoon A man presents the word SALIDA, draws a door, then exits through it.
SCENE 8 Big Bird and David shovel snow together, but both notice that they’re shoveling it onto each other’s areas. Big Bird tries to figure out how to dispose of the snow.
Cartoon "Daddy Dear" (repeat)
Muppets "Family"
(First: Episode 0404)
SCENE 9 Big Bird figures out where to dispose of the snow: Oscar’s can.
Film City alphabet (Joe Raposo instrumental with kid voiceover)
(First: Episode 0132)
Kermit chris.jpg
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment — Kermit, Chris and Stephanie count ears.
Dot Bridge 11 gather tight.jpg
Cartoon Dot Bridge #11: A lone square appears, so the dots all gather in a tight group
(First: Episode 0296)
SCENE 10 The sponsors are announced.

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