Sesame Street
Mr. Snuffleupagus does animal imitations
Air date March 2, 1973
Season Season 4 (1972-1973)
Directed by Joost Van Rees[1]
Sponsors D, W, 4
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird demonstrates none, some and all as Mr. Hooper is chromakeyed into the shot.
Cartoon A worm declares that the word "worm" is the only important word that begins with "W". A walrus retaliates by dumping a bucket of water on it.
(First: Episode 0001)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie keeps taking glasses of water outside the apartment. Bert thinks of possible uses Ernie could have for this water. As it turns out, the kitchen faucet is broken, and Ernie's trying to get rid of the water before the apartment floods.
(First: Episode 0425)
Cartoon W - wallpaper
(First: Episode 0291)
SCENE 2 In Big Bird’s nest area, Mr. Snuffleupagus entertains Big Bird and the kids with some animal impressions. Big Bird tries to fetch his friends to come over, but doesn’t know that Snuffy is following him; Snuffy still goes unnoticed.
Film Traffic light.
(First: Episode 0131)

Muppets In a Dragnet parody, Sergeant Thursday and Ben hunt for a wanted W.
(First: Episode 0395)
Wild wind
Cartoon An anthropomorphic cloud blows a wild wind disturbing some farm animals.
(First: Episode 0407)
Muppets Kermit's Lectures: Kermit talks about the word "Taxi." After describing how a taxi works, a small Muppet calls "taxi!" and the word drives up to him. He enters through the X, which opens like a door, and then the word TAXI takes off down the line.
(First: Episode 0312)
Animation Shape organization, part 1
(First: Episode 0419)
SCENE 3 Bob sings the “Same/Different” song while comparing two leaves.
Cartoon I've got a mind: squares make a box.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0252)
Film The Mad Painter #4
(First: Episode 0344)
Animation Shape organization, part 2
(First: Episode 0419)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie and Bert are watching TV, but Bert gets bored and decides to play a record. Ernie tells him to turn down the volume, but Bert won't, so Ernie drowns out Bert's music by playing the radio. Bert then retaliates by turning on the blender. With all four things running at once, they blow a fuse, causing a total blackout in their apartment. Bert goes outside to fix the fuse box, while Ernie turns off all the things that were running. When the lights come back on, they decide to play cards instead of fight.
(First: Episode 0003)
Cartoon D-dart
(First: Episode 0292)
Film David narrates some films showing the homes of animals.
(First: Episode 0452)
Cartoon "Daddy Dear"
(First: Episode 0367)
Muppets Simon Soundman tries to buy a saw at Sam's General Store.
(First: Episode 0409)
Animation Shape organization, part 3
(First: Episode 0419)
Film A kid narrates footage of a termite colony.
(First: Episode 0408)
Cartoon A guru counts to twenty.
(First: Episode 0276)
SCENE 4 At Hooper's Store, Mr. Hooper is about to throw away some cracked plates, when The Count shows up, looking for something to count. He counts the plates as Mr. Hooper hands them to him, but he drops them into the trash so that they break into more pieces; now he can count the pieces.
Animation Shape organization (all formations review), part 4
(First: Episode 0419)
Cast Wally and Ralph have to figure out which of two cans has peaches and which one has spaghetti. The pictures on the cans should be enough help, but aren't.
(First: Episode 0375)
Cartoon King Minus and the Disappearing Dragons
(First: Episode 0345)
Film Four Song (Song of Four)
(First: Episode 0006)
Cartoon Jasper and Julius: Apple.
Cartoon Donnie Budd counts four lions.
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0300)
Cartoon A bully says the alphabet to a mild-mannered gardener, who hits him in the face with a pie at the end.
(First: Episode 0279)
Muppets "The IG Family Song"
(First: Episode 0141)
Cartoon glasses vs glasses
Cartoon A man uses drinking glasses on his eyes and pours water over his seeing glasses.
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: An itchy wombat scratches its four legs.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0008)
SCENE 5 In a series of quickies, the cast says words that rhyme with “tie”.
Cartoon A pig sings "Pig's Love Song."
(First: Episode 0462)
Film Bridge #1 - Zipper
(First: Episode 0291)
Song Sesame Street Animal Films: "Rockabye Baby" is sung to a sleepy koala.
(First: Episode 0048)
Cartoon A guru counts to twenty. (Spanish version)
(First: Episode 0276)
Insert Mr. Hooper, Luis, Maria, David and Bob all throw a small amount of litter on the ground, adding to the street's filth. When a voice (Jerry Nelson) asks "Who made this mess?" each one of them denies that it was them, saying they only dropped a small amount of garbage on the street. Soon, however, they realize that they each contributed to the mess in one way or another and pick up what they dropped. The voice then tells them to put the trash in a trash can instead of on the ground.
Cartoon A man walks by different people who demonstrate what love is.
(First: Episode 0292)
Muppets Bert sings the club song for The National Association of W Lovers.
(First: Episode 0366)
Cartoon W For Wilbur
(First: Episode 0366)
Film Bridge #2 - Scoring
(First: Episode 0291)
Cast Luis, dressed as a magician, demonstrates addition by conjuring up the correct numeral when David and Maria arrive. As each person leaves, Luis switches the numerals to present subtraction.
Cartoon "Danny knows the alphabet, and is he proud! If you can follow him, then sing out loud!"
(First: Episode 0406)
Bridge no4 - 4 Corner Bridge B
Film Bridge #4 - 4 Corner Bridge B
(First: Episode 0282)
Cartoon W for Wash
Cartoon W - wallpaper (repeat)
SCENE 6 The Count announces the sponsors and the credits roll.

CLOSING SIGNS Mr. Hooper holds up the Sesame Street sign, while Roosevelt Franklin and Betty Lou hold up the CTW sign at the end.


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