Sesame Street
Plot Maria and David play ping-pong
Air date March 8, 1973
Season Season 4 (1972-1973)
Sponsors I, K, 8
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  • David gets angry when he's almost hit by a stack of newspapers thrown at his feet by a newspaper deliveryman. The driver of the newspaper truck apologizes to David.
  • Maria and David are about to start a ping-poing game, but David doesn't have a paddle. After holding several different types of sports equipment in its place, he finally gets the correct one. Once the problem is solved, Maria and David realize they don't have a ping-pong ball. Dozens of balls then fall on them. (This is a reference to Captain Kangaroo.) (EKA: Episode 0677)
  • Big Bird and a kid are at the store, when suddenly it starts to rain. Since Big Bird is tall, he carries the umbrella; the kid carries the package.
  • Cartoon: K is for Karate
  • Cartoon: K for Kite
  • Cartoon: An old woman emerges from the pouch of a bouncing kangaroo. She proclaims, "K! Kangaroo!"

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