Sesame Street
Plot Sam the Machine becomes a time machine.
Air date April 16, 1973
Season Season 4 (1972-1973)
Sponsors K, M, 2
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  • Oscar makes grouchy plans for a yucky Grouch party.
  • Sam the Machine becomes a time machine. He ends up driving David crazy by telling the time of day down to the last second.
  • David sorts things to clean the house.
  • Big Bird tries to find a use for a "snuffle-rest".
  • Kermit draws the letter M on-screen with his magic finger. Grover asks what Kermit has drawn, and Kermit says it's the letter M. "Mmmmm!" Grover agrees.
  • Cartoon: M in space
  • Cartoon: Find the camouflaged parrot.
  • Film: Scuba diver - on, into, under, through, around
  • Film: A conductor yells "STOP" to his off-key violinist.

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