Sesame Street
Plot Heavy snow falls on Sesame Street
Air date February 6, 1974
Season Season 5 (1973-1974)
Sponsors I, K, 4
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 It's snowing heavily on Sesame Street and Big Bird makes guesses about the weather based on various clues.
Cartoon K for keyhole, ketchup, and kitten
Film Jerry Nelson narrates a story about a green Muppet hand that learns to spin a top.
(First: Episode 0362)
SCENE 2 Bert sings "One of These Things" with the kids to pick out which mittens go together.
Cartoon K is for kiss.
Animation: John and Faith Hubley
(First: Episode 0131)
Muppets Beat the Time with Grover.
(First: Episode 0423)
Cartoon "Jazz #4"
(First: Episode 0004)
Film Drawing a chicken (child V/O in English and Spanish)
(First: Episode 0451)
Cartoon K is for Karate
(First: Episode 0489)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Bert wants to know why there is a cookie lying on the table. Ernie explains that he put it there to remind himself.
(First: Episode 0095)
Cartoon Four construction workers build a number 4.
(First: Episode 0507)
Film the kids form a capital I.
(First: Episode 0462)
RF loudsoft
Muppets Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: Roosevelt makes sure the class knows the difference between loud and soft. ("Don't tell me I can't teach.")
(First: Episode 0510)
SCENE 3 When Oscar the Grouch stops Bob as he passes by his can, Bob tells him to make it quick, he's getting covered in snow. Oscar says it's very important, but he forgot what it was. Bob starts to leave, but Oscar begs him to stay, it's very important and he wrote it down somewhere. As he rummages around inside his can, Bob stands outside getting covered with heavy snow.
Cartoon K-kick
(First: Episode 0463)
Muppets K Cheer #4
(First: Episode 0101)
SCENE 4 Bob continues to wait for Oscar's life-and-death message, covered in more heavy snow while holding a bunch of junk Oscar has displaced from his can when looking for the note.
Cartoon An old woman emerges from the pouch of a bouncing kangaroo. She proclaims "K! Kangaroo!"
(First: Episode 0489)
Film A kid recites a poem about adding penguins.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0255)
SCENE 5 Bob is now completely covered in snow, holding more of Oscar's junk. He couldn't find the note, but remembers what he wanted to tell Bob: "keep your hands off my junk...and don't ever touch it again!"
Story of Quiet and Loud
Muppets / Cast Bob tells the story of a mother who had a loud child (who screamed all the time) and a quiet child (who whispered all the time). The Amazing Mumford casts a spell to reverse their afflictions.
(First: Episode 0305)
Cartoon Number count to 20 (w/ cameo appearance by Cookie Monster), followed by cast list at the end.
(First: Episode 0350)
Ernie's Bert Sculpture
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Ernie makes a clay bust of Bert, but runs out of clay for the nose, so he pulls Bert's nose off and puts it on the statue.
(First: Episode 0463)
Cartoon "I Can Remember": A little girl remembers what to buy at the store (A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter) by visualizing her mother giving the instructions.
Artist: Jim Simon
(First: Episode 0408)
Celebrity Bill Cosby counts three kids, but a fourth keeps hiding behind him.
(First: Episode 0154)
Cartoon Two guys row their oars in different directions, until they decide to cooperate and row together
(EKA: Episode 0543)
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of an elephant.
K for kite
Cartoon K for Kite
(First: Episode 0489)
Spies sorting tools
Cast Bob and Maria are spies who meet under a street lamp and greet each other with a recitation of "Little Miss Muffet". Once they've confirmed each others identities, Maria produces some tools and a tricycle while Bob sings "Three of These Things" with a British accent.
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Bert complains about Ernie having the radio volume on too loud. Ernie pulls the knob off the radio, puts it on Bert's stomach, and turns the volume of Bert's voice up and down.
(First: Episode 0241)
Film 'Riding on the Train' (Song)
(First: Episode 0423)
Cartoon The word AGUA fills up with water.
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of a camel.
Cartoon "Jazz #4"
(First: Episode 0004)
Muppets Kermit uses a radio to demonstrate "soft". Grover shows up and wants to talk about loud, turning the radio up. After the two demonstrate soft and loud a few times, Big V appears and eats the radio.
(First: Episode 0039)
SCENE 6 Cookie Monster is spreading butter on a peanut in Hooper's Store, but he's told that's not the way to make peanut butter.
Film Peanut Butter Factory (2:49)
SCENE 6, cont'd Cookie acknowledges the interesting but complicated way of making peanut butter, but proceeds to show the best way to make it by shoving a stick of butter and a counter full of peanuts all into his mouth, and chewing it all up together.
Muppets "Fat Cat"
(First: Episode 0536)
Cartoon I for Ink (angry bird)
(First: Episode 0462)
Film Kids narrate a film of an African plain and the animals that live there.
(First: Episode 0128)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: I - Ice Cream
(First: Episode 0033)
HerryJohnJohn loudsoft
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentHerry and John-John demonstrate loud and soft.
(First: Episode 0432)
George countofour
Film No matter how they're arranged, George the Farmer always has three barrels, four milk jugs, and five cartons.
(First: Episode 0278)
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Grasshopper
(First: Episode 0084)
SCENE 7 Goodbye

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