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Sesame Street
Piano troubles
Air date March 13, 1974
Season Season 5 (1973-1974)
Sponsors G, I, 7
This episode guide has been compiled from script materials provided by a trusted source.


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Gordon asks Luis to help him lug a piano downstairs; in exchange, he’ll work at the Fix-it Shop all day Saturday.
Bath Precautions.JPG
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie brings an umbrella, a flashlight, and Bert's bowling ball to the bathtub, just in case the electricity goes out, the roof leaks, and somebody shows up asking to borrow a bowling ball. Bert thinks that Ernie is being ridiculous -- but everything happens, just as Ernie predicted.
(First: Episode 0269)
Cartoon A girl shows how good she is at drawing buildings.
(First: Episode 0454)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: I - ice cream.
(First: Episode 0033)
Cartoon A boy and a dog fight over a letter "I."
(First: Episode 0143)
SCENE 2 Luis and Gordon ask The Count to help them see where they’re going as they carry out the piano. Instead, he counts the times they bring it out and take it back in.
Cartoon Willie Wimple went a-boatin' and polluted the river.
Artist: Abe Levitow
(First: Episode 0561)
Film A gorilla chases a woman, who registers her protest by shouting "No." She triumphantly drags the gorilla off.
(First: Episode 0546)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentKermit the Frog talks with twins Corey and Todd about how they're same and different.
(First: Episode 0557)
Cartoon The Alligator King
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0411)
Song Joe Raposo asks the musical question, "Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?"
(First: Episode 0276)
Cartoon "Presenting -- the bumper jack!"
(First: Episode 0537)
Cartoon A trainer announces that his talking dog will say YES, but he says NO instead.
Artist: Derek Lamb
(First: Episode 0511)
Spies sorting tools.jpg
Cast Bob and Maria are spies who meet under a street lamp and greet each other with a recitation of "Little Miss Muffet". Once they've confirmed each others identities, Maria produces some tools and a tricycle while Bob sings "Three of These Things" with a British accent.
(First: Episode 0593)
Song David sings "Who You Looking At, Tiger?"
(First: Episode 0371)
Cartoon Things that are same and different.
(First: Episode 0300)
Cartoon "I in the Sky"
(First: Episode 0368)
Film The Alphabet Dancers form a capital I.
(First: Episode 0462)
Film Kid voiceovers identify a horse's body parts (shown one at a time), then the complete animal.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0428)
Film The celebration of Chinese New Year
(First: Episode 0495)
Muppets Old West: Five good men are needed to form a posse and catch Bad Bart, the meanest man in the West. The sheriff counts five men in the saloon, and tries to organize them. But it turns out that there are only four good men -- one of them is Bad Bart!
(First: Episode 0554)
Celebrity Flip Wilson shows how his teacher, Miss Johnson, taught the ABCs.
(First: Episode 0151)
Cartoon “Presenting - the safety razor!”
(First: Episode 0574)
Film Time-lapse of seeds growing.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0416)
SCENE 3 Gordon and Luis leave the piano outside to be taken away by the sanitation department. Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus encounter the piano, and notice it’s out of tune. Big Bird assumes it should be taken to the Fix-it Shop, so he and Snuffy cooperate and push it.
Film Parts of a clown are shown in close-up as kids guess what it is.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0428)
Cartoon "Presenting...the pepper shaker!"
(First: Episode 0574)
Gordon Luis cooperate apple tree.jpg
Cast Gordon and Luis cooperate to get an apple out of a tree.
(First: Episode 0508)
Cartoon Jazz #7
(First: Episode 0136)
Film Close-ups of animals. Kids try to guess what they are.
(First: Episode 0326)
Muppets Ernie & BertBert expects a visit from his identical twin brother Bart. Ernie notes that they're alike in many ways, but their major difference is that Bart has a sense of humor.
(First: Episode 0594)
Horses pull cement.jpg
Film Horses compete in a contest to see who can pull the most cement.
(First: Episode 0556)
SCENE 4 Big Bird and Snuffy make it to the Fix-it Shop with the piano, but Big Bird leans against it and it shatters.
Gorilla toon2.jpg
Cartoon Speech Balloon: G for Gorilla (in man suit)
(First: Episode 0085)
Cartoon Letter G drawing with kid voice-over
(First: Episode 0306)
Animation A grape blows reveille and inspects the "troops" -- 12 raisins on a slice of white bread.
SCENE 5 Inside the Fix-it Shop, Big Bird puts the piano back together with string, gum, nails and bandages. Luis is flabbergasted when he comes in and sees it. He kicks it out of anger, and it shatters. Gordon helps Luis clean up the remains, so they can be taken to the dump.
Cartoon Two guys row their oars in different directions, until they decide to cooperate and row together.
(First: Episode 0510)
Muppets Herry Monster holds a sign with the word "NO" on it and tells Ernie that he can make him read his sign. Ernie replies "Oh no you can't!", and eventually gets the joke. He tries it on Bert, but the gag backfires when Bert bets he can get Ernie to read the sign.
(First: Episode 0416)
Film Cold things that begin with the letter I
Muppets Two Anything Muppets sing "As I Was Going to St. Ives."
(First: Episode 0045)
Cartoon A shoemaker shows how he measures (human) feet with his ruler.
Film The Mad Painter #7
(First: Episode 0314)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: The Pied Piper has trouble luring mice with his music, but Kermit the Frog lures them by whistling.
(First: Episode 0519)
Cartoon A Gary Owens-voiced man attempts to discuss the letter I, but is jeered by an offscreen voice. The man uses him as an example of the word "impolite".
(First: Episode 0032)
Film (LA) George’s farm (0:19)
Cartoon I-Ink (angry bird)
(First: Episode 0462)
SCENE 6 At night, Big Bird and Luis go home after having dinner with Susan and Gordon. They are glad they finally got rid of the piano, but then they hear the piano playing the Sesame Street Theme off-key, and wonder where it’s coming from. They split up and look for it, while Oscar plays it, sings a rotten version of the theme, and announces the sponsors.

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