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Sesame Street
Air date April 17, 1974
Season Season 5 (1973-1974)
Sponsors E, G, 10
This episode guide has been compiled from script materials provided by a trusted source.


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird presents the letter G, and tries to think of a G word as the letter grows bigger.
G film.jpg
Film Things that begin with G
(First: Episode 0357)
Muppets Grover and George sing "Two G Sounds."
(First: Episode 0358)
Cartoon A goat discusses the letter "G". A man comes by to also talk about G, but rather than point out that "goat" is a G word, he observes the grass. Disgusted, the goat butts the man out of the way.
(First: Episode 0085)
Cartoon A girl imagines she's a rock, which becomes a statue.
(First: Episode 0513)
SCENE 2 Maria gives David a back rub after he finishes lugging some heavy boxes. Oscar is disgusted by this, and says he hates being touched. Maria tells him what would happen if nobody touched anyone else: there would be no kissing, no shaking hands, no games of leapfrog, etc. Oscar would prefer things that way, but then tries to scratch an itch on his back, but Maria helps him.
Cartoon Jazz #10
(First: Episode 0193)
Muppets Ernie & Bert โ€” Bert tells Ernie not to eat cookies in bed, because he might get crumbs in the bed, and then he'll get crumbs in his pajamas, itch, and not be able to sleep. Ernie decides to eat cookies in Bert's bed instead.
(First: Episode 0282)
Film The Mad Painter #10
(First: Episode 0328)
Cartoon What if my best friend were a gorilla?
(First: Episode 0598)
Animation Sand G/g
Cast Two Luises illustrate near and far.
(First: Episode 0583)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit the Frog reports on the prince kissing Sleeping Beauty, but rather than waking her up, falls asleep himself.
(First: Episode 0483)
George nearfar.jpg
Animation George the Farmer is "near" when he's on a barrel; he's "far" when he's on the porch.
(First: Episode 0235)
Cartoon G is for Glue
Artists: The Hubleys
(First: Episode 0279)
Muppets Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: Roosevelt Franklin tells the story of an old king named Morty Moot Mope, from the kingdom of Boebitty Bope, who loves to hear words that sound the same. Morty has trouble finding words that rhyme with his name, so he calls upon Same Sound Brown to do it.
(First: Episode 0534)
Cartoon A gorilla who knows G words applies for a job.
(First: Episode 0131)
SCENE 3 Maria plays a โ€œOne of These Thingsโ€ game with three mice and a flower.
Film A film shows parts of a flower.
Music: Vivaldi's Concerto for lute, 2 violins and continuo in D Major II - Largo
(First: Episode 0008)
Muppets The Martians examine a grandfather clock.
(First: Episode 0407)
Cartoon What if my hair were grass?
(First: Episode 0514)
Cast Luis tries to open a door marked with a "CERRADO" sign. He gets a running start, when Maria changes the sign to read "ABIERTO." She opens the door and Luis runs right through it, crashing.
(First: Episode 0596)
Cartoon La palabra cerrado
(First: Episode 0481)
Film Joe Raposo: Insects (instrumental w/ kid VO, same music as "Peacock")
(First: Episode 0410)
SCENE 4 Big Bird stands under the awning of Hooper's Store, feeling miffed that itโ€™s raining today, but Gordon tells him to imagine a world without rain. In Big Birdโ€™s fantasy, Davidโ€™s plant would dry up, Maria would have an empty fishbowl, and people wouldnโ€™t be able to wash themselves when they get dirty. Back in reality, Big Bird begs the clouds not to go away.
Animation Slide puzzle: Ernie
(First: Episode 0403)
Insert Three of These Kids are playing policeman, but the other one is playing fireman.
(First: Episode 0408)
Cartoon A man tells a confused boy that he saw a bird on a tree, with both of their thoughts appearing on the screen.
(First: Episode 0565)
Film An Hispanic boy gets up, gets dressed, and goes to school as Spanish music plays (A la luna no voy yo).
(First: Episode 0429)
Cartoon E Imagination
Artists: The Hubleys
(First: Episode 0001)
David Luis clothesline.jpg
Cast David and Luis prepare to hang clothes on a high clothesline using a ladder. However, they each climb it to hang one article at a time. A voiceover instructs them to cooperate, so David climbs the ladder as Luis hands him clothes to hang up.
(First: Episode 0438)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: E for egg
A cow hatches a chick, which says "Moo."
(First: Episode 0002)
Horses pull cement.jpg
Film Horses compete in a contest to see who can pull the most cement.
(First: Episode 0556)
Cartoon A man tries to explain how to put wallpaper up.
Artist: Jim Simon
(First: Episode 0527)
Celebrity Burt Lancaster counts while doing pushups.
(First: Episode 0010)
Animation Counting six red balls
(First: Episode 0278)
Muppets Ernie & Bert โ€” Ernie and Bert sing "Imagination".
(First: Episode 0493)
Film A little horse gets near and far from the camera.
(First: Episode 0279)
Cartoon A male voice narrates a story of a jazzy triangle who loved to dance, and a square square. The triangle likes being flexible, but the square would rather be stiff and *square*.
Music: "Waltz in Mean Time," David Lee
(First: Episode 0007)
Cartoon G for goat (repeat)
Celebrity Burt Lancaster says the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0006)
Cartoon G For Giggle (voice of Allen Swift)
(First: Episode 0357)
Cartoon Four people cooperate building a table.
(First: Episode 0537)
SCENE 5 The sponsors are announced.

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