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Sesame Street
Big Bird babysits Snuffy
Air date April 29, 1974
Season Season 5 (1973-1974)
Sponsors C, U, 7
This episode guide has been compiled from script materials provided by a trusted source.

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Gordon and Susan lead Big Bird and the kids in a “short/long” game, where they compare the length of their hair and their jackets. Big Bird doesn’t have hair or a jacket, but he does have the longest neck.
George tallershorter.jpg
Film George's ladder gets taller and shorter, as does his box of berries.
(First: Episode 0289)
Muppets Kermit's Lectures: Kermit and Grover demonstrate short and long -- Kermit sings and hops for short periods, while Grover does them for long periods. Finally Grover asks if he can do the short thing and Kermit do the long thing. To Grover's detriment, it turns out to be tickling!
(First: Episode 0560)
Cartoon Jazz #7
(First: Episode 0136)
Film Pizza is made.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0416)
Cartoon I Thought a Thought ... about small things. A man thinks about small things, and lists them. A sea monster thinks it is small, especially when compared to its father!
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0241)
SCENE 2 Big Bird babysits an unusually infantile Snuffy for his mommy, who gives him a thank-you note. Snuffy wants spaghetti before his nap, so Big Bird calls Hooper's Store and orders a ‘’big’’ serving of spaghetti. Mr. Hooper delivers it, but Snuffy finishes it quickly and wants more. Big Bird calls Hooper’s again and orders a ‘’bigger’’ serving (in a pot), then finally the ‘’biggest’’ serving in a laundry basket. Mr. Hooper is shocked to see that the spaghetti has disappeared so quickly, but Big Bird shushes him, since little Snuffy is sleeping soundly.
Cartoon "Presenting...the pepper shaker!"
(First: Episode 0574)
Ernie's Bert Sculpture.jpg
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie makes a clay bust of Bert, but runs out of clay for the nose, so he pulls Bert's nose off and puts it on the statue.
(First: Episode 0463)
Cartoon A man goes to the grocery store to buy apples, but he can't decide how many to get. This frustrates the grocer, who has to keep adding and subtracting the amount of apples on his scale.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0132)
Muppets Cookie Monster sings "C is for Cookie."
(First: Episode 0372)
Cartoon C - Cake
(First: Episode 0153)
SCENE 3 At Hooper’s, Mr. Hooper cleans out the laundry basket, still wondering why Big Bird needed it. Big Bird says he was babysitting, and Snuffleupaguses like spaghetti, just like other baby animals like milk …
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Baby animals are fed milk.
(First: Episode 0238)
After watching the film, Mr. Hooper understands, but “I didn’t see anything in there about Snuffleupaguses and giant baskets of spaghetti!”
Insert Musical Bridge #3 - an organist, drummer, and guitarists play a funk tune.
(First: Episode 0622)
Cartoon A ship captain orders the numbers 1-20 into a boat - which promptly sinks.
Artist: Harvey Kurtzman
(First: Episode 0614)
Flying Fingers.jpg
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie says that he has "flying fingers," and tries to find ten different things that his fingers can do.
(First: Episode 0617)
Cartoon Capital letter U for up
(First: Episode 0416)
Cast David and Luis assemble a fractured letter U.
(First: Episode 0468)
Cartoon U for Ugly: A man removes his mask, revealing a hideous monster face.
(First: Episode 0468)
Muppets Anything Muppet cheerleaders sound out the word "rocket," then witness a rocket blasting off.
(First: Episode 0567)
Tool Quickies vacuum cleaner.jpg
Cartoon "Presenting -- the vacuum cleaner!"
(First: Episode 0607)
SCENE 4 Susan and the kids play a “what’s missing” game with a felt board.
Film A film shows parts of a flower.
Music: Vivaldi's Concerto for lute, 2 violins and continuo in D Major II - Largo
(First: Episode 0008)
Muppets Cookie Monster introduces the word "AMOR".
(First: Episode 0601)
Film "Seven Song (Song of Seven)"
(First: Episode 0011)
Cartoon Christopher Clumsy jumps over a hole and says that he fooled the viewer. He then walks into a wall.
(First: Episode 0439)
Animation 2 houses plus 2 equals 4.
(First: Episode 0298)
Animation Sand C/c
(First: Episode 0625)
Film C is for cars on the highway.
(First: Episode 0469)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper looks inside a paper bag and laughs and asks his next victim, "Wanna see?" The man says yes, so Harvey puts a letter C on him.
(First: Episode 0294)
Cartoon “Presenting - the safety razor!”
(First: Episode 0574)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — When it's Ernie's turn to get a newspaper from Hooper's Store, Ernie decides to plan everything he may need. He gets his scarf and hat and earmuffs in case it snows, his umbrella if it starts to rain, sunglasses and suntan cream if it's a sunny day, and a flashlight if it gets dark.
(First: Episode 0093)
Lena Horne ABC song.jpg
Muppets / Celebrity Lena Horne and the Anything Muppets sing an upbeat version of "The Alphabet Song."
(First: Episode 0575)
Film A silent film about an automobile that can be either long or short.
(First: Episode 0521)
SCENE 5 Willy and Gordon play a “Here Are Some Things” game with hot dogs.
Muppets The Count counts seven flowers, and then explains that he loves to count flowers because then he gets to count sneezes.
(First: Episode 0433)
Film A turtle walks slowly.
Music: "Funeral March of a Marionette" by Charles Gounod
(First: Episode 0281)
Cartoon Christopher Clumsy jumps over a hole, and falls into another hole.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0439)
Muppets Monsters, including an early Grover, Cookie Monster and Beautiful Day Monster, pass on the message, "See." The wide shot reveals that the monsters were whispering about the Letter C.
(First: Episode 0089)
SCENE 6 The sponsors are announced.

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