Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird gives everybody gifts.
Air date January 8, 1975
Season Season 6 (1974-1975)
Sponsors R, 5
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  • Luis fixes a feather duster for Big Bird, and Big Bird wants to repay him with a gift.
  • Big Bird finds out that David's iron is broken, and gives him a wooden shirt.
  • Big Bird gives a frisbee to Susan and Gordon just because they're married.
  • All those who got gifts from Big Bird reciprocate by giving him a swing.
  • Lefty's boss tells Lefty the plan for what to do with the Golden AN, which they have just stolen. Lefty is to put it in the tan van and give it to Dan, who will take it to Fran. However, Lefty can't remember the plan very well and has to repeat it, which results in a police officer named Stan hearing the plan and giving him "ten days in the can for stealing the Golden AN." The skit ends with Lefty being taken away, saying, "I should have ran." (EKA: Episode 0668)
  • Old West: Five good men are needed to form a posse and catch Bad Bart, the meanest man in the West. The sheriff counts five men in the saloon, and tries to organize them. But it turns out that there are only four good men -- one of them is Bad Bart! (EKA: Episode 0600)
  • Maria appears in an imagination bit.
  • Film: A mailman on horseback delivers mail in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky. (EKA: Episode 0666)
  • Susan, Gordon and the kids sort types of lights by class.

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