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Sesame Street
The Prince recuses a damsel in distress.
Air date February 4, 1975
Season Season 6 (1974-1975)
Production October 23, 1974
Sponsors A, B, 2


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Big Bird has sent away 18 boxtops and has received a disguise (large sunglasses and a fake beard and mustache) he hopes to fool his friends with. He strolls over to the 123 Sesame Street stoop, where David and Maria are hanging out. He does a character voice, asking the strangers how to get to Sesame Street. Of course, the two immediately see right through his disguise. They point out that, as his friends, they'd recognize him anywhere, especially given the unique features of an eight foot bird. He understands the point - next time, he needs to use a longer beard.
Cartoon / Film A cartoon man climbs a live-action boy.
(First: Episode 0494)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie thinks that he isn't special. Bert tells Ernie to feel his nose -- "That's an Ernie nose!" -- and then feel his hair, and wiggle his fingers. Bert says that nobody else is just like Ernie. Encouraged, Ernie tells the audience to do the same.
(First: Episode 0276)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: A for Ape
(First: Episode 0006)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper: Do Ya Have an A on Ya?
(First: Episode 0293)
Cartoon A man displays the capital and lowercase A, and explains what an alligator is.
(First: Episode 0006)
Muppets Bert sings "Doin' the Pigeon".
(First: Episode 0536)
Cast Susan, Bob, and Maria give a lesson on addition and subtraction.
(First: Episode 0633)
SCENE 2 Cookie Monster pops up in Hooper's Store and notices a number 2 on the counter. He asks Mr. Hooper what it's good for besides counting. He thinks it could be used to make music, play games, and other things, but Mr. Hooper insists it can't do anything like that. Cookie believes it might be good for eating, but after biting it up, he sees that theory is wrong as well.
Cartoon Train #2
(First: Episode 0353)
Cartoon A man creates an avalanche on the letter A. (Spanish version)
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0371)
Muppets Roosevelt Franklin says his ABCs.
(First: Episode 0103)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: B for Bug
(First: Episode 0137)
Film Joe Raposo: Insects (instrumental w/ kid VO, same music as "Peacock")
(First: Episode 0410)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: B for Butterfly
(First: Episode 0006)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” The Count asks Ingrid to teach him how to count to 20 in Spanish.
(First: Episode 0477)
Cartoon Two kids argue over whose chair it is, until the dog suggests they share the chair.
(First: Episode 0369)
SCENE 3 Maria asks David if the eggs he has at Hooper's are fresh. Big Bird takes one quick glance and surmises, "That's a medium, grade A chicken egg from a single combed, white leghorn chicken...probably from Iowa."
Movie theatre line.jpg
Film Film (stop-motion) - 'Beginning/End' - Kids wait in line at a movie theater.
(First: Episode 0411)
Muppets Betty Lou teaches the meaning of "beginning", "middle", and "end", and introduces two of her friends: Beginning and End. The duo tell a story, but it lacks something in between the beginning and end parts. Beginning and End recruit their pal Middle to fill out the rest of the story. Middle, however, cannot stop telling the exciting part of the story, and the three friends begin a quarrel, forcing Betty Lou to declare the end of the lecture.
(First: Episode 0138)
Film A gymnast demonstrates beginning and end.
(First: Episode 0532)
Cartoon B is for bear, bicycle, bump, branch and bee.
(First: Episode 0008)
Cast Maria, Luis, Bob, and David, dressed as scarecrows, sing about the ankle, shoulder and knee.
(First: Episode 0711)

Film "Noises"
A boy named Julio uses "magic glasses" to see invisible things that make noises, including a train, a cat, a fire engine, a saw, and a man whistling. Can you make those noises?
(First: Episode 0004)
SCENE 4 Prince Charming stumbles onto the block, dressed in a suit of armor (with an uncooperative face shield). After bumping into the stoop banister, he tells Maria that he's looking for a damsel in distress to rescue. Maria doesn't need rescuing, but points him in another direction where he might find a damsel.
SCENE 4 cont'd The Prince now bumps into Oscar's trash can, which does not contain a damsel in distress. Oscar, annoyed by the Prince's antics, points him somewhere else. The Prince stumbles off blinded by his helmet and walks into on coming traffic.
Drummer street.jpg
Cartoon A drummer precedes C.T. Wordsworth who presents today's word: STREET. He sings about it with a boy who wears a crown.
(First: Episode 0309)

SCENE 5 The Prince stumbles around in the woods until he actually comes across a damsel in distress (Jerry Nelson). "Of course I'm in this dress," she responds to his query, "What's it look like, a pantsuit?" The Prince takes her into his arms, but is less than pleased when he learns she's merely lost, with no dragons or monsters he can fend off. She tells him there were some dragons around earlier and calls out to Rudolph and Arthur. Two dragons answer her call and the Prince turns chicken, running around the woods with his damsel in tow.
SCENE 5 cont'd The Prince and damsel manage to make it back to her cottage, and she invites him to meet her friends and relatives. He's eager to shake some hands and sign autographs, until he sees that her relations are also a gaggle of dragons. He splits the scene and the damsel comments that he must be shy.
Song "Where the Garbage Goes," a song film which explains what happens to garbage after it gets thrown away. (edited)
Music by Peter Schickele
(First: Episode 0077)
SCENE 5 cont'd Maria reads a fairytale to the kids (including Kate and Heather), when the Prince scurries back to Sesame Street. Saving face, he describes how heroically he faced the dragons and darts off to find his horse. After finishing the story, Maria remarks that the author of the tale should think about two things - damsels can save themselves these days, and that they should get to know their local, Sesame Street prince.
Charlie and Louie.JPG
Muppets Charlie is lost and finds a policeman. It's his Uncle Louie, but he doesn't recognize him in uniform. Without the uniform on, Charlie asks Uncle Louie to find him a policeman.
(First: Episode 0135)
Cartoon A man creates an avalanche on the letter A.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0132)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Ernie, Bert, and Shola observe a letter A. Ernie calls out, "A, Bert!"
(First: Episode 0551)
Animation Sand A/a
(First: Episode 0628)
Film Hands build things out of triangles and squares while off-screen voices try to figure out what the constructions will be.
(First: Episode 0004)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit interviews one of the Three Little Pigs, the one who built a straw house. The Big Bad Wolf comes to blow it down, but the house is actually strong.
(First: Episode 0551)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Grover demonstrates high and low by asking Heather to scratch his back.
Cartoon "Jazz #2"
(First: Episode 0001)
Film Kids identify pairs of animals in a zoo.
(First: Episode 0364)
Film "Two Song (Song of Two)"
(First: Episode 0001)
Joe Raposo Sunrise Sunset.jpg
Film Joe Raposo sings about the sunrise and sunset.
(First: Episode 0623)
Film Counting to 20.
(First: Episode 0421)
SCENE 6 Mr. Hooper pushes Kate and Heather on the tire swing, as Maria announces the sponsors.

CLOSING SIGNS David and Mr. Hooper hold up the Sesame Street sign, while Ernie and Bert hold up the CTW sign at the end.


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