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Sesame Street
Oscar and the kids pretend to be in the Old West; Big Bird is sick
Air date December 4, 1975
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors L, N, 5
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Picture Segment Description


SCENE 1 Big Bird gathers a bag of cabbages for a visit from Mr. Snuffleupagus today. Luis, Susan, and Gordon don't believe him as usual. When Snuffy arrives at Big Bird's nest, he jumps for joy upon seeing the cabbages. This shakes the whole street, rattling the adults. As Snuffy eats, he asks for some pepper, which causes him to sneeze. This sends a large gust down the block, making everyone else think a storm is forming. Snuffy heads home and Big Bird finds the adults cowering in the doorframe. They tell him about the storm and Big Bird remarks, "You guys sure have some imagination!"
Cartoon I Thought a Thought ... about small things. A man thinks about small things, and lists them. A sea monster thinks it is small, especially when compared to its father!
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0241)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie won't let Bert into the apartment. At first, Bert worries his friend might be in trouble, or feeling sad, but then he thinks Ernie might be hiding something from him, which makes him mad. He is finally let in, and finds that Ernie has thrown him a surprise party, which makes him happy. Guests at the party include Roosevelt Franklin, Herbert Birdsfoot, Prairie Dawn, Sherlock Hemlock, Grover, Guy Smiley, and a mailman.
(First: Episode 0461)
Cartoon A tiny ant pushes the huge N into its place in the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0780)
Film Several people help a man when his car is stuck in the mud.
(First: Episode 0619)
Cartoon What Do You Do With a Pet?
(First: Episode 0465)
Muppets Cookie Monster and Ernie: Ernie tells the viewer to watch and listen for Cookie Monster, so he won't take the cookie which Ernie just got from Hooper's Store. Ernie encounters a machine that reads "Your Fortune Told. Insert One Cookie." Not realizing that Cookie Monster is inside the machine, he inserts the cookie. Some munching noises are heard, and a card comes out that says, "You will soon be kissed by a grateful Cookie Monster."
(First: Episode 0756)

SCENE 2 Oscar and the kids pretend to be in the Old West. The kids pretend their chairs are a stagecoach, while Oscar is the bad guy they pursue. Rodeo Rosie, thinking this a real scenario, ropes Oscar and threatens to take him to the sheriff.
Cartoon An N-terview with an N
(First: Episode 0131)
Cartoon / Film Things that begin with N: nail, nest, net, notebook, needle, noodle, nuts, napkins, nose. (Don't make noise at night). The letter N is nice.
(First: Episode 0659)
Cast In the desert, Luis desperately searches for AGUA, but all the pumps are dry.
(First: Episode 0680)
Lowercase n.jpg
Cartoon "Lowercase n"
(First: Episode 0358)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: The Count ruins Kermit's opportunities to interview The Three Little Pigs and the Seven Dwarves by counting them.
(First: Episode 0569)
Cartoon Eugene wants his talking crow Willis to name some N words, and Willis replies with "no," "nothing," "nobody" and "never."
(First: Episode 0101)
Film A bulldozer moves dirt up a construction site.

SCENE 3 Luis hears the sounds of water coming from Oscar's trash can. He guesses that Oscar might be swimming in his pool, but doesn't believe such a thing really could fit down there. Oscar tells him to look for himself and Luis receives a face full of water.
Cartoon A postal worker tells the viewer what the post office is good for.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0783)
Herry's ABC Secret.JPG
Muppets Grover tells Herry's secret (which is actually the alphabet) to Pamela, who tells Fenwick, who tells Rosemary. Herry says to Grover, "You're very good at reciting the alphabet ... but you're lousy at keeping secrets!"
(First: Episode 0360)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: A for Agua
(First: Episode 0510)
Film Sea Horse
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0183)
Muppets Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats sing "Count it Higher."
(First: Episode 0553)
Cartoon A photographer tries to look for some animals quietly, but they all end up secretly following him.
SCENE 4 Susan tries to find something for Herry Monster to do, as he doesn't feel like doing anything that involves his great strength. She produces a dolly from the crate, which he gently takes care of.
Cartoon Jazz #5
(First: Episode 0005)
Cast A voiceover instructs Maria as Chaplin where to put the shirts and the towels.
(First: Episode 0541)
Cartoon On a snowy day, a cold man desires firewood. He carries a huge log up the hill multiple times, but it rolls down each time. Using his "wits", he pushes his house down to the bottom of the hill to be closer to the giant log.
Cartoon Donnie Budd sings about animals in groups of five on a farm.
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0323)
Muppets Happening upon the ice cream man, Ernie wants to buy a chocolate - strawberry - peach - vanilla - banana - pistachio - peppermint - lemon - orange - butterscotch ice cream cone, but the ice cream vendor instead gives him a butterscotch - orange - lemon - peppermint - pistachio - banana - vanilla - peach - strawberry - chocolate ice cream cone.
(First: Episode 0133)
Cartoon In rhyme, a man points out animals who stole and/or ruined his clothing.
(First: Episode 0778)
Cartoon Three children are being chased by a giant mutant rabbit as fast rock music accompanies the chase. They outsmart him by hiding behind three trees.
Artist: Etienne Delessert
(First: Episode 0655)

SCENE 5 The Count loves counting and decides to count other things people love - Gordon likes driving his car, Luis loves playing his guitar, and Susan loves being outside on a nice day. The Count probes Oscar for an answer, but is just met with "no"s, which Oscar loves to say.
Cartoon A man jumps into a poster of Lake Lillian.
(First: Episode 0347)
Film Snow in the city
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0429)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” At the movies, Ernie reacts to a sad, funny, scary movie, to Bert's embarrassment and the annoyance of the other viewers.
(First: Episode 0627)
Cartoon L is for Lips
(First: Episode 0147)
Cartoon Jasper and Julius: Apple
(First: Episode 0485)
RFES Great People.jpg
Muppets Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: Roosevelt Franklin and his class name some great people.
(First: Episode 0515)
SCENE 6 Big Bird is sick in his nest. He feels nobody cares about him or his condition since he's all alone, when suddenly everybody drops by for a visit. The Count announces the sponsors.

CLOSING SIGNS Susan holds up the Sesame Street sign, while Luis holds up the CTW sign at the end.β€Ž

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