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Sesame Street
Trip to New Mexico β€” Luis and his friends leave for New Mexico
Air date December 19, 1975
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Directed by Robert Myhrum
Sponsors K, U, 5


Picture Segment Description
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: The miller's daughter is in danger of losing her baby if she cannot guess the first name of Rumpelstiltskin. Kermit offers a hotline, Sesame Street-555, for people to call in and help her. The name ends up being Bruce Rumpelstiltskin, but unfortunately for Kermit, he picked the wrong place to hide: the baby's carriage!
(First: Episode 0724)
Cartoon An old woman emerges from the pouch of a bouncing kangaroo. She proclaims, "K! Kangaroo!"
(First: Episode 0489)
Muppets Cheers: The Anything Muppets cheer for the letter K. (version #1)
(First: Episode 0100)
Cartoon "Poverty K" - Karen the Kangaroo talks about words that start with the letter K. Featuring the sped-up voice of Gene Moss.
(First: Episode 0142)

SCENE 1 Big Bird and The Count are in the Fix-It Shop when Luis gets a call from a relative in New Mexico, where he grew up. His grandparents are building a new house, and Luis agrees to go back to the ranch to help. The Count is excited to hear that "one person is going to New Mexico in one truck," and asks if anyone else is going. Luis asks the Count if he wants to come along, but the Count says, "Me? Oh, my goodness, no thank you, Luis. I need to stay here on Sesame Street to count things!" The Count suggests that Big Bird would like to go. Big Bird is interested, but he needs to know: What's New Mexico? Luis explains that New Mexico is part of the United States. There are a lot of Indians and Spanish-speaking people who live there, and they named the state after the place where the Spanish-speaking people came from, Mexico. Big Bird agrees to go, and the Count shouts, "Wonderful! Two people going to New Mexico. Two people and one truck!" Maria enters, and the Count insists that she should go on the trip. She agrees to go, and the Count happily counts three people who are going to New Mexico, and one truck. He leaves the shop to find more people who are going.
Film A band plays and children dance at a Cinco de Mayo celebration.
(First: Episode 0438)
Cartoon A lion named Kent says that he gets a Kick out of being King of the Forest.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0463)
Song "1-2-3-4-5!"
(First: Episode 0144)
Herbert and Grover 2.jpg
Muppets Grover the Assistant: Herbert Birdsfoot arranges three blocks for Grover to count. No matter how the blocks are arranged, they still add up to three. Herbert asks Grover to count some oranges as well. Grover confesses that he's good at counting blocks -- but he doesn't know how to count oranges!
(First: Episode 0192)
SCENE 2 The Count has a clipboard; he's trying to recruit more people to go to New Mexico, so he can have more people to count. Mr. Hooper says that he can't go; he has to take care of the store. The Count is very disappointed -- there's only three people going so far, and three isn't enough!
Animation Three balls try to match three holes.
(First: Episode 0572)
SCENE 3 The Count tries to talk Susan and David into going on the New Mexico trip. They like the sound of the trip, but Susan has to work, and David can't miss his law classes. "Rats and bats!" the Count sighs. "I'm such a failure! I'm trying hard to count more than three people going to New Mexico, but I can't. Just three people!... and one truck."
Cartoon Two groups of mountain goats try to pass each other on a mountain road.
(First: Episode 0780)
SCENE 4 Bob finds the Count outside the Fix-It Shop, completely miserable. "It's just one of those days," he sighs. "I'm trying to count something, but it's just not working out." Bob says he'd like to help, but he has to go and pack -- he's going to New Mexico. The Count is thrilled -- now there's four people going to New Mexico, and one truck!
Film Swimming and flying pelicans.
(First: Episode 0322)
Cartoon Two circles demonstrate next to and away from.
(First: Episode 0644)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Kermit demonstrates the concept of being next to someone, with assistance from Shola and Fannie.
(First: Episode 0553)
Cartoon A girl imagines being next to a tree, a house and a car. "Now I'm going over there," she says. "There's nothing here to be next to!"
(First: Episode 0782)
Animation A dune buggy is assembled.
(First: Episode 0506)
Muppets An Anything Muppet girl sings "I Want a Monster to Be My Friend."
Cartoon A horse falls apart into a jigsaw puzzle.
(First: Episode 0784)
Song Luis sings "Three of These Kids" -- three kids are playing basketball, and one is playing baseball.
(First: Episode 0418)
Cartoon A kitten is knittin' a kerchief, a kite, and a polka-dot mitten.
(First: Episode 0282)
Film Kids dancing.
(First: Episode 0409)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie answers the telephone. Bert overhears the conversation, which involves a baseball game, a rainy day, and a gorilla stealing a bologna sandwich. When Bert asks who just called, Ernie says it was a wrong number.
(First: Episode 0305)
SCENE 5 The Count begs Susan to change her mind. "Oh, Count," she says, "I've told you ten times, I can't go to New Mexico!" "That's eleven times, but who's counting?" he pleads. Gordon asks why the Count is so upset, and Susan explains that people are going to New Mexico. The Count encourages Gordon to go -- and Susan thinks it's a good idea. It would be a nice vacation for him. The Count is thrilled when Gordon agrees to go. Now it's five people, and one truck!
Animation Sand K/k
(First: Episode 0645)
Animation A grape blows reveille and inspects the "troops" -- 12 raisins on a slice of white bread.
(First: Episode 0618)
Muppets Sesame Street pageants: Prairie Dawn directs the cast in a pageant about the face. Ernie talks about eyes, Cookie Monster talks about the mouth, Bert and Grover talk about ears, and Herry Monster talks about the nose. At the end of the pageant, they assemble a picture of a face.
(First: Episode 0711)
Film A flower opens and closes.
(First: Episode 0441)
Cast David tries to close a window and a door, but they open by themselves.
(First: Episode 0772)
Cartoon A man finds an OPEN, and opens it. The people inside ask him to close the OPEN.
(First: Episode 0512)
Cartoon A man jumps up onto an UP.
(First: Episode 0546)
Song "Rockabye Baby" is sung to a sleepy koala.
(First: Episode 0048)
Cartoon A U train spells the words "unite," "U-turn," "underground," "up," and "universe."
(First: Episode 0624)
SCENE 6 Oscar the Grouch chuckles as the cast loads up the truck. He won't get bothered by Gordon and Susan being nice to each other, or Bob singing, or Maria playing her radio. Biff and Sully help Bob, Luis and Maria load the truck. Oscar wishes them a happy trip -- "I want you to have a great time, a wonderful time! I hope you love it in New Mexico, y'know? So that maybe you can stay a couple years, maybe ten, twenty, y'know, who knows?" Maria assures Oscar that they're going to be back in a week, and he'll have to put up with them again. Disgruntled, Oscar slams down into his can.
Luis, Bob, and Maria need to stop by Hooper's Store, and Biff and Sully offer to help load up the truck. Luis gestures at the luggage, saying, "All this stuff goes." Sully and Biff get to work.
Muppets Anything Muppets sing "How Do You Get From Here to There?"
(First: Episode 0374)

SCENE 7 Everything is packed, and they're ready to go! Everyone gets on the truck and bids their friends goodbye. When the truck takes off, Susan, David, and Mr. Hooper realize that Oscar's trash can is gone! They realize that Biff and Sully loaded it onto the truck, and Oscar is on his way to New Mexico.
Inside his can, Oscar complains that there's all this rattling and bumping. Big Bird tells him that he's on the truck, and they're headed to New Mexico.
The Count is disappointed -- they left already, and he'd found eighteen more people to go. David tells him about Oscar, and the Count is happy again -- that makes six people going to New Mexico, and one truck! "Ah, wonderful."
Cartoon A cartoon man (voiced by Bob Arbogast) is irritated to find that he has a succession of animal noses.
(First: Episode 0769)
Muppets Cheers: The Anything Muppets cheer for the letter K. (repeat)
Cartoon A kitten is knittin' a kerchief, a kite, and a polka-dot mitten. (repeat)
Cartoon A man tries to figure out where a squeaky sound is coming from; it turns out to be a giant's squeaky shoes. "Surprise!"
(First: Episode 0770)
SCENE 8 Mr. Hooper and David relax as the Count announces the sponsors.
The credits roll as Oscar's can bumps along in the back of the truck.

The story of the trip to New Mexico continues in Episode 0811.

CLOSING SIGNS Oscar and The Count hold up the Sesame Street sign, while Bob holds up the CTW sign at the end


  • The original script for this episode called for Grover to be among those the Count tries to invite to New Mexico. He would've been in scene 3 alongside Susan and David.
  • The plot of this episode would later be repeated in Episode 1160, with different inserts.

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