Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird is fifteen minutes late.
Air date January 5, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors X, Z, 5
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  • Biff and Sully are ready to fix a bench, but first they want to give kids a demonstration of how basic tools work. Biff sings a song about the tools.
  • Ernie & BertErnie tries to count his balloons. The balloons are arranged in a circle, so he continues counting around the circle, and counts some of them twice. Grover has a solution -- he pops each of the balloons as he counts them. (First: Episode 0133)
  • Gordon, Maria, Luis and three kids show that umbrellas are alike in some ways and different in others.
  • Kermit at Home: Grover comes to Kermit's house to fix his sink. Kermit fills him in on a demonstration of "big, bigger and biggest" when it comes to wrenches. Even so, the sink repair goes awry, and the house floods.
  • Gordon is angry when Big Bird is fifteen minutes late. He apologizes when he finds out that the clock Big Bird was using is broken.
  • Animation: Ice cream travels around the cone until it reaches the top.
  • Cartoon: A pirate has his mate dig for treasure, which is buried between two trees. The mate doesn't know what between means. He finally gets the message, but a parrot makes off with the treasure.
  • Cartoon: I Thought a Thought ... about big things.
  • Cartoon: A female head is drawn as its voice-over lists its parts, ending with earrings that "do nothing" ... and promptly wiggle around.
  • Cartoon: "The Fox and the Grapes" - In the classic fable, a famished fox can't reach the grapes, and eventually gives up, assuming they're sour anyway. (EKA: Episode 0796)
  • Film: On the beach
  • Cartoon: The great Alphonso and his trained X's perform a circus routine. (EKA: Episode 0299)
  • Film: A lumberjack cuts trees.
  • The Spanish word "AMOR" is formed onscreen, scored by guitar and flute music. (EKA: Episode 0801)

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