Sesame Street
Plot Bob and Big Bird trade names.
Air date January 15, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors B, D, 12
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  • Bob and Big Bird pretend for a while that they've traded names. Maria tells them that it's better to be yourself.
  • Ernie & BertBert refuses to share his cookie with Ernie, who tells Bert that if the cookie was his, he wouldn't mind sharing. Ernie takes the cookie, and asks Bert to ask him if he would share it. (First: Episode 0472)
  • Cartoon: "A Loaf of Bread, a Container of Milk, and a stick of Butter" -- A little girl remembers what to buy at the store by visualizing her mother giving the instructions. Artist: Jim Simon (EKA: Episode 0420)
  • Cartoon: Two boys notice a D, saying it looks fat. A resonant voice (Gary Owens) informs them that it's the letter D. This leads to a jazzy story about a dog who digs for dice, wins a duck, and buys a dinosaur with a dime. Moral: "If you dig a dinosaur, drop your duck for a dime." (First: Episode 0016)
  • Film: An Hispanic boy gets up, gets dressed, and goes to school as Spanish music plays (A la luna no voy yo).
  • Cartoon: Two small stripes watch as two circles play with each other. The stripes try to bend themselves into circles, but soon find that they can both cooperate to make one big circle.
  • Film: A silent film about an automobile that can be either long or short.
  • Cartoon: Three characters try to watch a baseball game over a fence, then cooperate by stacking their blocks. (EKA: Episode 0600)
  • Cartoon: Can a dog meow?

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