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Sesame Street
Snow β€” Big Bird plans for snow
Air date January 22, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors F, W, 7
Releases HBO Max

0834 00.jpg

Picture Segment Description
Muppets Kermit at Home: Grover is outside in the snow, freezing. He keeps knocking on Kermit's door, asking how to get warm, and Kermit keeps telling him to come inside. Grover, missing the point, tries ideas of his own to get warm, but they don't work. Finally, Kermit tells Grover that if he wants to get warm, he should come inside. Excited, Grover pulls Kermit aside and slams the door, locking Kermit outside. Grover goes to sleep in Kermit's armchair while the frozen frog scrapes at the window.
(First: Episode 0598)
Cartoon "Seven Song (Song of Seven)"
(First: Episode 0011)
0834 01.jpg
SCENE 1 Big Bird wakes up in his nest all excited because he planned for snow last night by setting out his shovel, his boots, and sled. His excitement diminishes when he looks around to find all those items covered under mounds of snow.
Cartoon "Nelly 1-10 / 10-1": Kids count numbers in a parade, which are interrupted by other participants.
Artist: Harvey Kurtzman
(First: Episode 0629)
Insert The Alphabet Dancers make the form of the letter F.
(First: Episode 0446)
Cartoon F: a frog and a fly. (voiceover: Casey Kasem)
(First: Episode 0034)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Lefty the Salesman wants to sell Ernie a painting of a tree, which he says is a picture of four elephants. Ernie doesn't see the four elephants, so Lefty offers to show him the elephants if Ernie will buy the picture for a nickel. Lefty points out the elephants, which are actually spaces in the tree's branches. Ernie shells out for the picture. Ernie wants to pull the same trick on Bert, but Bert notices the elephants right away.
(First: Episode 0292)
Cartoon A girl uses her paint-by-the-numbers set to find an elephant in her picture.
(First: Episode 0510)
Cartoon Clouds blow things FFFFFFFF
(First: Episode 0387)
Muppets The Anything Muppets cheer about the letter F. (version 1) (Spanish)
(First: Episode 0387)
0834 02a.jpg

0834 02b.jpg
SCENE 2 Oscar the Grouch observes the snow on Sesame Street from his can. It's untouched; hasn't been shoveled or plowed yet, so it neatly covers all the dirt and litter that can otherwise be seen in the neighborhood. He decides to dirty it up by throwing ashes from his furnace all over the place. Jay makes his way down the street, but he's struggling; slipping and sliding all over the place. When he reaches Oscar's can, he thanks him for throwing some ashes down because it's make walking on the snow and ice easier.. Not everyone would have been so thoughtful.
Muppets Little Jerry and the Monotones sing about being "Sad."
(First: Episode 0584)
Cartoon A troll draws different faces on herself in front of a mirror.
(First: Episode 0800)
0834 03.jpg
SCENE 3 Oscar is disgusted at having been called thoughtful, so he's swept the ashes away from the front of his can. Bob walk over and thanks him for clearing away the snow. Nobody else on the street has done that yet, it was a very nice thing to do.
Cartoon Four firetrucks, telephones, ships and men file into a large contraption that produces 4s.
(First: Episode 0798)
Ice Capades no1.jpg
Film Ice Capades #1
(First: Episode 0615)
Cartoon Typewriter: F for Fly
(First: Episode 0781)
0834 04.jpg
SCENE 4 Cursing himself for being nice again, Oscar has dumped a pile of snow in front of his trash can, swept away from the steps of 123 Sesame Street. When Maria comes along and see the steps clear, she commends him for the sweet gesture and gives him a kiss. Oscar collapses with a groan.
Cartoon f flower.jpg
Cartoon A flower picks up a man and says he smells beautiful.
(First: Episode 0284)
Muppets Four Anything Muppet kids cooperate to grow a flower together. One has a flower seed, one has a flowerpot, one has some dirt, and one has a shovel. The rain and sunshine finish the job.
(First: Episode 0311)
F bubble.png
Cartoon Speech Balloon: F - Fly
(First: Episode 0032)
0834 05.jpg
SCENE 5 Oscar thinks over everything he did to earn him compliments this morning, so he vows to return all the snow to where it was. Two kids approach and ask him if he wants the pile of snow. Oscar says he doesn't, so the kids claim it for building a snowman and thank him for his generosity.
Animation Three balls compare sizes. An orange ball (voiced by Daws Butler) boasts that he's the smallest, until his little brothers comes onto the scene.
(First: Episode 0786)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Ernie's lost the nickel he was going to use for candy, so Shola gives him another one.
(First: Episode 0565)
Cartoon A small frog unveils a smaller man, who unveils the smallest elephant.
(First: Episode 0786)
Film A mailman on horseback delivers mail in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky.
(First: Episode 0493)
Cartoon A cat, bird and worm illustrate small, smaller and smallest.
(First: Episode 0830)
0834 Here Are Some Things.jpg
Cast In Hooper's Store, Bob and David sing "Here Are Some Things" and help the kids classify marbles in jars.
Muppets Two Anything Muppets sing "As I Was Going to St. Ives."
(First: Episode 0045)
Cartoon Tiger likes going to school.
(First: Episode 0549)
Film A kid narrates footage of a termite colony.
(First: Episode 0408)
Cartoon Fleas have fun in fur!
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 0630)
Film Footage of various bird species including hens, flamingos, pigeons, owls, ostriches, cockatoos, and others.
Music: (piano and whistling) Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0019)
Cartoon A football player talks about his favorite sport.
Artists: John and Faith Hubley
(First: Episode 0135)
Muppets Game Show: Mystery Mix-up Game
Film In stop-motion, assorted furniture places themselves in a classroom.
(First: Episode 0647)
Cartoon Gloria talks about 'W'
(First: Episode 0806)
Muppets Kermit asks the viewers to play a weather imagination game. First, Kermit imagines it's a warm, sunny day. Then he imagines that it's raining hard. Then he imagines that it's a snowy, windy day.
(First: Episode 0325)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: W - Water
(First: Episode 0062)
Film Male and female snow people narrate their own construction.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0277)
0834 06.jpg
SCENE 6 Big Bird and David enjoy the beauty of the snow from inside Hooper's Store, but David notes that neither he nor anyone else on the streets seems to have found the time to shovel yet. Big Bird says he's going to round up a bunch of kids to get the shoveling done.
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie answers the telephone. Bert overhears the conversation, which involves a baseball game, a rainy day, and a gorilla stealing a bologna sandwich. When Bert asks who just called, Ernie says it was a wrong number.
(First: Episode 0305)
0834 07.jpg
SCENE 7 Big Bird has lined up several kids platoon-style on the sidewalk and issues assignments for where each of them should shovel. When he asks if everyone's ready to shovel, they reply no. They don't have any shovels.
Cartoon An elephant and a bear try to cross a bridge to deliver their packages, but they're in each other's way.
(First: Episode 0538)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Kate tells Grover about being out in the snow.
(First: Episode 0784)
Cartoon "Seven Song (Song of Seven)" (repeat)
(First: Episode 0011)
0834 08.jpg
SCENE 8 David watches Big Bird and the kids shovel with cardboard boxes. Maria announces the sponsors.

CLOSING SIGNS Oscar and The Count hold up the Sesame Street sign, while Bob holds up the CTW sign.

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