Sesame Street
Plot Oscar moves into a dirtier trash can.
repeat of 0646
Air date February 23, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors K, M, 2
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  • Oscar the Grouch can't sleep because Biff is drilling in the street. Biff explains why drilling is helpful to the city.
  • Oscar asks his friends to help him move into a trash can that's dirtier and has more dents in it.
  • Marshal Grover tries mounting Fred using a "run and jump" technique. But every time he gets close, Fred moves away from him, causing onlookers in the saloon to laugh at them. Fred finally explains that he doesn't appreciate the act, as it hurts his back. Marshal Grover promises never to run and jump onto his back again, and asks him to roll over so he may do so on his belly. (First: Episode 0825)
  • Cartoon: Melvin the Moving Man has magnificent muscles. (EKA: Episode 0276)
  • Big Bird has a picture of himself that's split into parts; he tries to put the parts together.
  • Sam the Robot plays catch with Big Bird, but doesn't seem to understand the game.
  • Big Bird plays the red light in a game of "Red Light, Green Light".
  • Film: A boy narrates a film of how his family trains wild ponies on the farm. (EKA: Episode 0815)
  • Film: Kid voiceovers identify a horse's body parts (shown one at a time), then the complete animal. (EKA: Episode 0813)
  • Film: Kids compare animals and human tools and technology. (EKA: Episode 0789)
  • Cartoon: La letra M es para Miguel, musica, mariposa, marinero, molino, marciano, maroma y mono (EKA: Episode 0813)
  • Film: A scuba diver swims away from.

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