Sesame Street
Plot Maria imagines that she's as strong as Herry Monster.
Air date March 26, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors G, I, 9
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  • Bob, Fred, Lance and Duke agree that everybody but Bob is a horse.
  • Big Bird uses a scale to demonstrate some, more and most.
  • Ernie & BertBert is trying to write a letter to Mr. Rogers, but finds it difficult when Ernie operates his electric fan right next to him. Bert blows up at Ernie and says he is "hot and bothered," and Ernie has just the thing for that: more cool air. (EKA: Episode 0573)
  • Animation: A girl explains in poem how she failed trying to make a snowman without using snow. (EKA: Episode 0820)
  • Film: Footage of a city neighborhood; includes shots of a sno-cone vendor. (EKA: Episode 0695)
  • David counts things in several boxes. The Count delightfully helps him.
  • Cartoon: A story of a man who hates frogs, until his swamp becomes infested with flies. (EKA: Episode 0407)
  • Film: A voiceover recites a poem about trees, to music by Joe Raposo. (EKA: Episode 0748)

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