Sesame Street
Air date April 1, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors L, W, 2
This episode guide has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Linda, Maria and David demonstrate open and closed, as well as cerrado and abierto.
  • Ernie & BertErnie tries to put a pot on Bert's head. Bert asks Ernie why he's doing that, and Ernie says that he broke a cookie jar. Ernie has to put the cookies somewhere, so he put them in the sugar bowl – and put the sugar in the flowerpot, which meant that he had to put the flower in a milk bottle. He put the milk in the soda bottle, and the soda into the fishbowl, and the fish in Bert's cowboy hat. Bert asks, "Now what am I going to wear when I want to play cowboy?" Ernie puts the pot on Bert's head and says, "Ride 'em, cowboy, Bert!" (First: Episode 0305)
  • Ernie & Bert — Ernie can't decide which of the two different shelves he should place a large vase on, so Bert tells him to use his imagination. Ernie imagines the vase falling off the little shelf and Bert kicking him out of the apartment. Then, Ernie imagines putting the vase on the big shelf, and Bert rewarding him with a big surprise party. (EKA: Episode 0310)
  • Story: Maria tells the story of "The King's Picnic". Everybody brings the same thing to the King's picnic, which is a huge failure. The King then asks people to bring different things. (EKA: Episode 0673)
  • Cartoon: A man named Joe tries to figure out why his lap disappears when he stands. (EKA: Episode 0825)
  • Film: Kids draw music instruments on a blackboard. The drawings animated themselves and make their respective sounds. (EKA: Episode 0822)
  • Cartoon: A man, dog and bird make CASAs for each other. (EKA: Episode 0825)
  • Cartoon: A troll draws different faces on herself in front of a mirror. (EKA: Episode 0834)
  • Marvelous Maria counts from one to ten, and then from ten to one. (First: Episode 0443)
  • Cartoon: A man uses a ladder to climb up to the top of a capital L. (First: Episode 0036)
  • David sorts by quantity using fruits.

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