Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird opens the Sesame Street Pretend Zoo.
Air date April 9, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors C, F, 8
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  • Big Bird opens the Sesame Street Pretend Zoo. Everybody imagines that they're animals in the zoo.
  • Maria is angry because Oscar the Grouch refuses to lend her a wrench. He finally agrees, because Maria gets angry.
  • Count von Count: The Count's bats are upset; he always gets to count, but the bats don't. The Count decides to let the bats count all of the Counts, while the Count counts all the bats... but there's only one Count. (First: Episode 0625)
  • The Geefle and the Gonk live on the planet Snew, where the only food is nectarines. Unfortunately, the Gonk is too short to reach the nectarines, and while the Geefle can reach them, he can't bend his arms, so he can't bring them to his mouth. They decide to work together to get the nectarines: The Geefle picks some for the Gonk, and the Gonk feeds some to the Geefle. (EKA: Episode 0706)
  • Cartoon: Caterpillars Never Wear Brown Boots
  • Susan and the kids sort by shape using some triangle-shaped things and a round hamburger.
  • Oscar builds a duplicate of himself, but gets the body parts mixed up.

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