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Sesame Street
Mr. Hooper studies with a friend
Air date May 18, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors I, L, 2
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Luis, Susan, and the kids come into Hooper's Store, where Mr. Hooper is focused on studying for an upcoming night school exam. He says a friend from his class is coming over to help study, but he can't mind the store while studying. Susan and Luis offer to run the store for the day to make sure he can get his studying done.
Cartoon A man demonstrates up and down.
Artist: Al Jarnow
(First: Episode 0276)
Film Examples of people and animals going down.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0406)
Cartoon Jazz Alphabet: male vocalists shout each letter.
(First: Episode 0619)
Muppets Cookie Monster asks Ernie if he has any cookies. Ernie says that he doesn't have any cookies but an apple and he can't give the apple to him because "an apple a day will keep the doctor away." Later Cookie Monster comes disguised as Doctor Monster and gives Ernie a medical checkup. After the checkup, Ernie asks what he owes Doctor Monster. By sheer coincidence, his bill is one apple.
(First: Episode 0691)
SCENE 2 Margret, a woman from Mr. Hooper's class, comes into the store looking for him. She refers to him as "Ace," a nickname his classmates gave him after they found out he was the only one to get an "A" on their last test. Susan and Luis take her to where Mr. Hooper is studying and continuously rib him by calling him "Ace" as well.
Cartoon A real Indian boy tells two boys who are playing Cowboy and Indian that Indians don't say "ugh". The other kids tell him that they heard the expression on TV.
(First: Episode 0771)
Muppets Two Anything Muppets sing "Me" in both English and Spanish.
(First: Episode 0372)
Cartoon A boy leads his sister up and down a staircase.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0526)
Film A man bounces a ball up the steps, and then it falls down the steps.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0435)
Cartoon In rhyme, a man points out animals who stole and/or ruined his clothing.
(First: Episode 0778)
Muppets The Word Family Song: ET family
(First: Episode 0139)
Cartoon Hats
(First: Episode 0773)
Cartoon Jasper thinks that he has lost his elbow, but Julius shows him his elbow by bending his arm.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0410)
SCENE 3 Herry Monster comes across the studying pair and offers to help in any way he can. Mr. Hooper doesn't think they need his help, saddening the monster. Margret tries to perk him up by asking him to make sure they get peace and quiet while they study. He loudly assembles a whole crowd of people to tell them to be quiet.
Cartoon A man jumps into a poster of Lake Lillian.
(First: Episode 0347)
Muppets Alphabet Chat: Lord Chatterly's poem on the letter L ends in chaos as usual.
(First: Episode 0762)
Animation Sand L/l
(First: Episode 0632)
Insert The Alphabet Dancers form a letter L.
(First: Episode 0449)
Cartoon L is for Lips
(First: Episode 0147)
Film Children narrate footage of a termite colony.
(First: Episode 0408)
Cartoon The Typewriter: L for lion
(First: Episode 0762)
Muppets Ernie and Bert sing "La, La, La."
(First: Episode 0321)
Cartoon L for Lion
(First: Episode 0798)
Gymnast up down.jpg
Film A gymnast demonstrates up and down.
(First: Episode 0526)
Cartoon Various demonstrations of DOWN and UP
(First: Episode 0847)
Film A scuba diver shows up and down.
(First: Episode 0526)
SCENE 4 Mr. Hooper and Margret stretch their legs by walking up and down the block as they review a section of the geometry chapter that Mr. Hooper is grappling with. Mr. Snuffleupagus follows behind them, completely unnoticed, and silently gives his support to Mr. Hooper.
Cartoon The profile of a man's face morphs into different faces to the sounds of a Moog synthesizer.
Artist: Etienne Delessert
(First: Episode 0642)
Muppets In the park, Harvey Kneeslapper comes up behind a man, asks him, "Wanna see something funny?" and then holds a mirror up. The man sees nothing funny...until he looks at Harvey!
(First: Episode 0283)
Cartoon "Mi casa es su casa."
(First: Episode 0794)
Film Detective Fred (Joe Raposo) is sent by his boss (Danny Epstein) to locate the number 20. Throughout the office and on the streets of New York, Fred tracks down the numbers 11 through 18 in numerical order by spying his surroundings. When he finds his way to Apartment 19, he discovers it is occupied by a gorilla, who leads him directly to the elusive 20.
(First: Episode 0277)
Muppets Ice Follies: Big Bird tries to teach Snuffy to ice skate, but Snuffy keeps falling.
(First: Episode 0873)
Cartoon Donnie Budd sings a two-step for pairs of animals.
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0342)
Film Marching band cymbal crash #2
(First: Episode 0527)
Cartoon A man counts two ears, two eyes, and two arms. He picks up each leg to count two legs, and then falls down.
Animation by Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0406)
SCENE 5 Margret realizes it's nearly time for their class, but Mr. Hooper still isn't sure he's prepared for the test. As he heads off, he distractedly instructs Susan and Luis "to check the circumference and lock the hypotenuse."
Cartoon A boy and a dog fight over a letter "I."
(First: Episode 0143)
Film Old bottles are made into new bottles at a recycling plant.
Music: "Black Eyed Peas" by Graham Preskett
Muppets Grover the Assistant: Grover volunteers to assist the Amazing Mumford in his suspension act. Grover will get on top of a platform, and Mumford will pull the pillar off from underneath, and the platform will not fall. The trick works, so Grover decides to try it himself, with Herry Monster as his assistant. Grover can't pull it off, and Herry falls.
(First: Episode 0292)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: I for Island.
(First: Episode 0314)
Song "Cow Dog Song"
(First: Episode 0783)
Cartoon A bird subtracts two balloons from a group of three.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0530)
Cast A Howard Cosell-type announcer narrates as athlete Maria subtracts a chair from a group of three.
(First: Episode 0431)
Cartoon Five Purple Konkers
(First: Episode 0775)
SCENE 6 Mr. Hooper and Margret take a relaxing walk back to Sesame Street. Luis assumes his cooler demeanor means he did well on the test. Mr. Hooper replies that the teacher was sick, so the test has been postponed to next week. He then reverts back into a panic.

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