The Not-Too-Late Show
Air Date May 27, 2020
Written by Ken Scarborough
Director Benjamin Lehmann


Before bedtime, Elmo takes on the extra special role of talk show host! And for his very first episode, Elmo welcomes guests Jimmy Fallon and Kacey Musgraves, who sings a Sesame Street classic.



  • This episode was taped as a pilot for the series in January 2019.[1][2] As such, the set is noticeably different than the remainder of the series. The audience shots are also different, with several characters lifted directly from previous green screen projects (such as "Elmo the Musical" and "Cookie's Crumby Pictures").
  • Oscar's "Trash Talk" segment and Prairie's control room scene in response were originally longer; the cut footage was later repurposed for episode 107.[3]


Elmo, Louie, Mae, Cookie Monster, Mama Bear, Herry Monster, Freddy, Cow, Prairie Dawn, Chickens, Ernie, Chad, Rosita, Football, Basketball, Wolfgang the Seal, Chip and Dip, Oscar the Grouch


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