The first regular episode of the French production Muppets TV featured guests Pascal Obispo and Adriana Karembeu. Obispo performed several of his songs, including the single "1980" as the closing act (joined by Melissa Mars, with whom he recorded the single).

It first aired October 29, 2006, on French network TF1.



Guest appearances by:

Pascal Obispo, Adriana Karembeu; Melissa Mars (uncredited)


Kermit the Frog, Scooter, Miss Piggy, Statler and Waldorf, Clifford, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal, Zoot, The Newsman, Whatnots



Cauet as Kermit
Miko as Animal
Cartman as Scooter
Franck Sportis as Miss Piggy (Miss Peggy)
Marco Duquesnoy as Fozzie, Gonzo, Clifford, The Newsman
Cécile De Ménibus


Christophe Albertini
Charlie Bazire
Sandrine Furrer
Erwan Courthiaux
Pascal Meunier
Evelyne Scheigam
Cyril Valade
Yves Brunier
Françoise Salmon
Regis Fassier


Production: Be Aware Tivi
Producer: Sébastien Cauet
Assistant producer: Christian Cathala
Director: Patricia Rimond Des Anges
Assistant directors: Alice Postic, Paul Vuibert
Continuity: Magali Beauvois
Writers: Sébastien Cauet, Vincent Azé, Jérôme Barou, Jean-Pierre Dannic, Philippe Husson, Philippe Lelouche
Director of photography: Patrick Noufond
Puppet art direction: Boris Scheigam
Puppet styling: Janet Knechtel, Florence Elissalde
Production consultants: Martin Baker, Elizabeth Gruninger
© The Muppets Studio, LLC.

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