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Sir Kermit the Brave - Animal Fly Airplane.png
Air Date March 16, 2018 (digital)
March 23, 2018 (broadcast)
Written by Robyn Brown (p.1)
Eric Shaw (p.2)
Director Guy Moore
Releases iTunes, Amazon, Time to Play!

Sir Kermit the Brave

The Muppet Babies use their imaginations to take off on an epic adventure to find Miss Nanny and Kermit helps a dragon get over her fear of the dark.

Golden Globe® Award-winner Rachel Bloom (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) guest stars as Dot the Dragon.


Animal Fly Airplane

During an imaginary flight to Paris, no one lets Animal take the controls.

  • "Kiss Me My Darling" performed by Stéphane Huguenin, Christian Padovan & Yves Sanna


  • The first part of the episode has been turned into an illustrated children's book: Kermit the Brave.

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