Dog City
Air Date September 26, 1992
Written by J. D. Smith
Director John Van Bruggen (animation), David Gumpel (Muppets)

This episode introduces viewers to the residents of Dog City and to Eliot's Muppet world with high adventure.

We meet our hero, Private Eye Dog, Ace Hart who with the help of Rosie O'Gravy, chief of police and Eddie, the wet-nosed news pup are out to sniff out clues to the mystery of the disappearing squeaky toys.

Dog City is up in arms (paws, actually). Every dog's squeaky toy is disappearing. What dastardly criminal is stealing a dog's best friend - the squeaky toy? Who could be behind this heinous crime? And with what purpose?

Ace, Rosie and Eddie have their paws full as they try to stop Bugsy, the Dogfather of the mob in Dog City and to return every squeaky toy to it's rightful owner, proving crime doesn't really pay.


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