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Air Date April 26, 1991
Written by Michael Jacobs and Bob Young
Director William Dear


Fran has one wish in life: a new set of pots and pans with mesh screens for lids -- the better to keep dinner in the pot! Earl realizes that he can't afford to buy the simplest of pleasures for his family, which leads him to ask boss Richfield for a raise, with disastrous results. A chance meeting with the escaped "dinner" saves the day (and job) when dinner reappears as Earl's new supervisor at WESAYSO Development Corp.

Guest Stars

Brian Henson (Arthur Rizzic), Teri LaPorte (Cavewoman), Michelan Sisti (Caveman)


  • This episode was the first produced (filmed on March 29, 1991), and first aired. It served as the pilot of the series.
  • This episode was included on the Dinosaurs Volume 1 (VHS) home video release produced in 1991.
  • When the egg hatches, Earl exclaims "Oh God!" Yet, in episode Episode 403: The Greatest Story Ever Sold it is stated that the dinosaurs have no higher power, concept of God, or any deity. So why would they exclaim "oh god"?
  • Several seconds were cut from episodes when the show went into syndication due to time constraints. When Fran keeps suggesting to Earl that he ask her about her day, the following dialog was trimmed:
Earl: I mean this with all love and everything, but... I don't give a damn about your day.
Fran: (sternly) Ask me about my day!
The syndicated version simply continues with Earl saying "Nothing that happened in your little day has any importance of how I'm going to spend the rest of my life". This scene was included in original ABC airing and on the 1991 video release.
  • Another cut in syndication is during the scene where Earl learns that Arthur Rizzic is Mr. Richfield's new assistant. Earl's observation about no longer being able to eat Arthur was shortened.

Seen on TV

DNN: News program with Howard Handupme, who reports that a meteor three times the size of the earth will bring about total extinction. He then adds "This just in: No it's not."